Do You Have To Play The Last Of Us Before Watching The Show?

The Last of Us is an American drama television series on HBO. So naturally, it will interest you that it is based on a much-lauded video game series. Hence, you get to explore two different things. So often, there are different changes in the show and its adaptations. But the question is whether you can expect the same from this video game series turned ongoing marquee show.

Many of you will be interested in watching the prestige drama that will be rolling. But, there comes a question in mind before streaming it. Whether or not anyone wishes to watch the series needs to play the video game series. Now, this can be serious for anyone who needs to be more screen friendly.

Before discussing whether you have to play the series before watching it, let’s discuss some basics.

Release Date And Show Basics


According to ExpressVPN, the show premiered on January 15, and there are various kinds of zombies that you can spot in the series. It is a critically acclaimed show and follows the story that revolves around the characters Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, and Ellie, played by Bella Ramsay. As the story moves forward, various incidents come, and the characters move on a quest for their survival across America which is evolving in the post-pandemic era.

The story does not begin during the pandemic outbreak but 20 years before. During this time, the spread of the infection has infected 60% of the world’s total population.

So, it is not a zombie attack. In the game and the series, a zombie represents a reanimated corpse. Also, the ‘infected’ term has been used to show that the enemies are infected and not dead. They want to spread the infection to non-infected people through various means.

The infection is because people either get bitten by an infected person or when people end up inhaling the cordyceps spores. It is an interpretation of the video series, but you need to see the series whether you get to see the same or not.

Let’s go back to the story of the main character Joel. He is depicted as a smuggler in the zombie post-apocalypse. He had a daughter who died two decades ago during an infection outbreak. The viewers discover the same in the beginning. He has the responsibility of escorting a young girl across the whole country. The idea behind escorting her is that it is believed that she is the key who will help in ending the plague condition.

Viewers can expect many points of differentiation between the video game and the television show. First, the depiction is different, followed by the direction and the means of unveiling the storyline. Finally, the on-screen depiction is important as it will ensure whether the show will get the aimed viewership.

Whether There Is A Need To Play The Last Of Us Before Streaming The Show


The Last of Us is a cinematic masterpiece that ensures a good time for all people who love playing video games. Now, it’s time for the non-players to witness the magic as the games are written and acted upon to be seen as a show streaming on HBO. The TV show is set to make a remarkable entry and stitch a great story that will keep viewers asking for more.

But it comes down to one thing, whether you have played the game or not, you can see this show directly. So first, the gamers are having the time of their life, and now, the new ones who have not played the video series for any reason turn up and see what the makers have planned for them.

The TV series is a fresh start, and of course, there are different things that you can expect from the show. And guess what! That’s the beauty of depiction. There may or may not be a lore or a backstory, but artful integrations will help make the show unique. In addition, it will help to interest many viewers.

What About The Challenges?


But, it is more complex than it is said. The complications are present in the direction and depiction. The theme’s expression is important and should be such that it hits the right angle with the viewers. The highest challenge is Joel’s part, who has to fight the bandits and zombies. Also, the girl he is escorting reminds him of his daughter, who died years back. So, it is an emotional run, and the main idea should connect to the audience, too.

As a player, the gaming experts have a set of instructions followed by the virtual guide that helps them understand that the overall setup is not only the cutscene but a lot more. Of course, all these things need to be adapted into the show, and the play experience needs to be employed.

Also, in the game, the player must navigate the male character Joel through the different kinds of environments dotted by the enemies: the roving clickers and dormant zombies. They are eyeless creatures and hence, look horrific. The prosthetics and makeup work wonders if the videographer’s presentation is such.

As a player, you need to make certain choices that will make way for the path on which you will unleash the situations. However, when you sit back and see all these things turning up one against the other on the digital screen in front of you, the adrenaline rush will be on the next level. So, you need not explore the gaming version if you don’t feel like it and begin streaming it whenever you want to.


The Last of Us is a great series, and the makers have done justice to its making for the people who know what it offers in the video gaming format and the ones who will be watching it for the first time. Moreover, the series is worked upon in a friendly manner and tries to bring all the aspects of the story to life. So, what are you waiting for?

Switch on the television and begin watching it now!

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