If You Have Fine Hair, You’re Probably Using Conditioner Wrong in 2024

Having flat hair can be extremely frustrating, especially when it seems nothing can give you that extra volume you need to look outstanding. A round brush may help, or a quality volumizing spray, and you may even use string hair extensions to upgrade your look. However, very often, all you need to do is change how you wash and condition your hair.

Washing hair usually involves using shampoo and conditioner. However, when you have fine hair, using a conditioner can do more harm than good. Although many quality conditioners can make your hair smooth, silky, and shiny, they may also weigh it down and make it look even flatter than without the product. However, by no means does it mean you should skip using the conditioner. The trick is to use the right kind and to use it the right way.

The formula of the conditioner you use is crucial. Moreover, so is how you apply it, where you apply it, how long you let it ‘sit,’ or even how much you apply.

Your chances of getting hair that looks weighed down are very high if you use the wrong conditioner. For example, if you have problems with dandruff, you should use products specifically labeled for hair and scalp. They contain ingredients like zinc pyrithione, which both fights dandruff and hydrates your hair.

Sulfates will dry out your hair, and silicones will coat your strands with layers that weigh them down, so you should always check the ingredients. It’s also very important to thoroughly rinse out the conditioner after every use to avoid product build-up. Any residue you leave behind will weigh your locks down and make your hair look unflattering.

7 Hair Care Mistakes As Signs You’re Using Conditioner Wrong

According to the ayambeautycare.com, you may be making several hair-conditioning mistakes that lead to having flat strands.

1. You Use Too Much

Source: headcurve.com

When it comes to hair conditioner, less is usually more. Using too much product will weigh down your strands and make your hair look limp, especially if you have naturally fine hair.

The main role of the conditioner is to hydrate your strands and restore the moist you’ve stripped from it with coloring and heat damage. Moreover, even if you don’t color your hair or treat it with hot styling tools, the mere use of shampoo may strip the natural moist from your strands. The common ingredients found in quality conditioners will make sure to lock in moisture and leave you with smooth, shiny hair.

However, you don’t have to put tons of powerful ingredients to get the desired effect. Using too much conditioner will only make your hair look flat and greasy. Experts advise using a two-quarter sized squeeze of conditioner per wash for medium length hair.

2. You Apply It To Your Roots

Your roots usually don’t need extra conditioning because your scalp produces its natural oils called sebum. All the nurturing oils are concentrated on your roots, so there is usually no need for additional conditioning. However, if you have problems with a dry scalp and still feel you need to condition the roots, make sure you know how to condition your scalp. The only right way is to use a conditioner created specifically for roots.

The moisturizing ingredients of regular conditioners won’t do any justice to your roots because they weren’t created for your scalp. Always make sure you use the right product to get the effect you want. One of the most popular and effective root conditioners is the John Frieda Root Awakening Conditioner. It won’t mess up your volume but it will still give your scalp all the care it needs.

3. You Leave It On For Too Long

Source: crodapersonalcare.com

A conditioner does most of its job within the first couple of minutes from applying, so leaving it on for too long doesn’t have many benefits. Moreover, it may lead to over-conditioning, especially if you have fine hair. When you leave a protein-based conditioner on for too long, it can damage your hair. The strands will suck up all the extra protein they don’t need, which will cause additional breakage. Similarly, leaving conditioners rich in oils for too long will make your hair look greasy and flat from all the extra oils it doesn’t need.

4. Use 2 in 1 Shampoo

You should avoid two-in-one products if you have fine hair. There usually isn’t enough conditioner in them to treat your hair and properly pamper your ends. Moreover, two-in-one products usually only benefit hair that doesn’t need extra pampering to look good.

5. You Don’t Use a Leave-in Conditioner

Source: shape.com

A rinse-out conditioner isn’t the only kind that may help you make your flat hair look voluminous. In fact, a leave-in conditioner is often a much better choice than a regular one, especially for thin hair that tends to look limp. It’s also particularly helpful for damaged and frizzy hair. However, keep in mind that using a leave-in conditioner doesn’t necessarily mean you should skip the regular one. If combined the right way, they will both do wonders for your flat hair.

6. You Use the Wrong Conditioner For Your Hair Type

Fine hair needs special care and completely different care products than thick, coarse hair. What nourishes thick strands will only weigh down fine hair. Using products created specifically for your hair type is crucial. Instead of a heavily concentrated conditioner that makes your hair look greasy and flat, use something that soothes your strands and gives you extra volume. A Dead Sea Minerals + Argan Oil Conditioner will nourish your flat or thinning hair and make it look lush and voluminous.

7. You Skip Conditioner Entirely

Source: hairdohairstyle.com

Without a conditioner, your hair will likely become extremely brittle. Fine hair especially needs protection from outside factors, so you should never choose to stop using conditioner altogether. The catch is to use the right one, not overdo it, and make sure you rinse it out. Skipping the conditioner is never a good solution. It may seem like the easiest way to get more volume instantly, but it’s never good to leave your hair exposed to the sun, wind, cold, rain, textured sweaters and cute hats with no protection at all.

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