8 Reasons Why Your Cryptocurrency Strategy Probably Isn’t A Good Strategy in 2024

Many traders are investing in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. The market of digital currency is highly volatile and is subjected to market risks. Ever since its inception in 2009, it has experienced exponential growth. Thus, it is one of the most traded digital assets that can result in huge profits.

However, you must use some strict strategies in place to obtain maximum benefits from such trades. Such a strategy will help you earn great returns even from this highly volatile market.

The cryptocurrency and stock exchange markets are both more or less similar and have several things in common. The ultimate goal of investors is to double the amount that they invest in Bitcoins. If you are also looking forward to investing in cryptocurrencies, you can do so with CryptoRevolt.

People often start their trading careers with wrong strategies that often result as a disaster. They end up losing more than they had invested. Not many people are aware of the techniques that work best for them. Let us know a few reasons why your cryptocurrency strategy is not working right for you, and they are probably not good.

Reasons Why Your Cryptocurrency Strategy Probably Isn’t A Good Strategy

1. You Are Not Using Scalping

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This trading technique is widely used and is known to provide significant benefits. As per a recent study, traders who use scalping techniques while trading earns enormous profits, even with huge price fluctuations.

Not every trade can bring considerable profits, but this technique will help you bag great deals separately or simultaneously. This way, you can reap slow but steady returns.

If you are not following scalping, you are losing out on great deals and also an opportunity to earn high profits from your investment.

2. Not Following Crypto Leaders and Traders

The Crypto world has some industry leaders who are relatively active on social media platforms. They keep posting regularly about the significant events and movements in the cryptocurrency market. You should follow their tweets to keep yourself updated with the latest news and look for ways by which you can benefit from these new changes.

These events and movements tend to have a significant impact on the cryptocurrency’s demand and supply. By following these crypto leaders and treaders, you can easily forgo your fear of missing out.

3. You Don’t Have A Price Ticker Installed.

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A price ticker is one of the most beneficial apps that alert an investor whenever there are fluctuations in bitcoins’ price. You can install the app on your mobile phone to get regular updates. When you are aware of price fluctuations, you can make wise and better decisions about your investments.

However, at the same time, you should know that the price of cryptos is not the only factor that an investor should consider before investing their money in it. If your strategy does not involve observing market capitalization, something is not right. It is about time you change your strategy.

4. You Are Not Learning Enough.

One of the most influential cryptocurrency trading techniques is to learn as much as possible. If you are not learning the new trading methods and applying them yourself, you will not know what works best.

Also, remember that what works for the traders may not for you. Hence, trying out strategies on your own is recommended. Head over to Google to keep up with the latest news of the crypto industry. You can also choose to learn more about applications of Blockchain and Bitcoins.

You will also find several Blockchain and Cryptocurrency materials on YouTube. It will surely help you to build a more substantial base of your crypto knowledge. When trading cryptocurrency, if you are not working to improve your crypto knowledge, your trading strategy will not help you reap maximum benefits.

5. Not Diversifying Your Portfolio

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If you invest only in a single type of coin and are not concerned about investing in varied forms, you are only putting yourself at more significant risks of losing. It would help if you choose to diversify your portfolio as it works as one of the most effective strategies to minimize risks. A diversified portfolio means you have invested in different forms of cryptocurrencies.

Different coins have different risk rates associated with them. Diversification doesn’t guarantee profits. However, it will indeed reduce your loss percentage. Thus, it will help investors to reach their financial goals.

6. You Are Chasing Dump and Pump Schemes

Dump and Pump is a scheme that increases cryptocurrencies’ prices based on false recommendations and statements that are misleading and exaggerated greatly. Therefore, you should stay away from falling into traps that are not fruitful.


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You are making a significant mistake if you let your fear of missing out control the emotions while trading cryptocurrencies. Any changes in the market rate or lack of knowledge should not be able to govern your emotions. You should think logically and invest in a better scheme the next time.

It would help if you did not keep investing more and more. Set a bar for yourself and stick to that while trading. Also, remember that the crypto market is highly volatile, and anything can happen in the blink of an eye.

8. Not Using Trading Bots

Cryptocurrency trading can get too complicated at times. If you are having a hard time comprehending blockchain technology and not using trading bots, you may not get the desired help in trading cryptocurrency.

The bots are API-enabled that helps you with the investment strategies, and also allows an investor to make a definite choice. You must use bots to get the most of your cryptocurrency trading. You will be able also to reap maximum profits with its help.

Final Thoughts

We have listed a few strategies that will help you make adequate choices when it comes to trading cryptos. If you are not using them to obtain maximum returns, your strategies are probably not right to fetch considerable returns. Include them to obtain the maximum profit from your trade.

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