5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Cyber Security Strategy in 2024

Regardless of the size of your organization, it is imperative for you to have a strong cybersecurity strategy in place. A recent survey concluded that around 32% of businesses complain about some kind of cybersecurity threat. As technology continues to advance every day, so have the practices of online predators and hackers. However, when you begin to give importance to the cybersecurity of your business, it will become easier for you to gravitate towards the perfect solutions. Not to forget, every year, billions of dollars’ worth data is stolen by hackers. This is very damaging for most of the firms as the reliance on the digital platforms continues to grow exponentially.

Luckily, the businesses that have carved the best strategies for their cybersecurity have easily eradicated the chances of ransomware and phishing attacks. So if you are still not convinced, here are a few strong reasons for you to consider having a cybersecurity strategy:

1. Increasing Number of Cyber Attacks

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There’s no denying that there has been an exponential increase in the number of cyber-attacks taking place across the globe. You will be astonished to know; it takes less than 40 seconds for a hacker to break into your system. With much advancement in technology, the number of attacks has increased in the last few years. The most intriguing thing to note about these attacks is, many of them are carried out by young people. This means cybercrime is a multi-billion dollar industry in today’s time. So while you will be losing many parts of your information to the public, hackers will be making money out of it. Secondly, you need to have a perspective on your business size. If you have a small business, it will be easy for the attackers to hound your database. However, if you have an elaborate business, hackers will not be able to break into your system easily, provided you have a strong security strategy in place. You can check here for more information.

2. Increasing Remote Working

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The most iconic thing to note about the IT industry is that it has enabled us to work from home or any location in the world. However, as we swoon over this benefit, it is equally important to consider the downside as well. Remote working is a big threat for employers because they often begin to overlook cybersecurity. Especially when the employees begin to work through their mobile phones and personal laptops, there is a high risk of their devices getting attacked. Secondly, when the company has no control over their activities online, it is hard to lend support. Because employees make use of company data when working from home, organizations have to worry about the sensitive information getting stolen from the web. In such a situation, it is best for you to consider Cytelligence services. They will guide you towards the perfect solutions for your IT business, provided that you vocalize your concerns and needs on time.

3. Increased Global Tensions

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Many corporate and national security risks are being exposed every day because they can greatly affect an organizational structure. This is why every business has started to raise their concerns regarding cybersecurity. The risks are higher than before because there has been a staggering increase in the number of cybersecurity threats across the globe. If you talk to any modern business owner out there, you will find them talking about the importance of having a strong cybersecurity strategy for your business. For this to happen, you need to conduct an assessment of your current security standards to identify the loopholes. Once you identify the problems, it will become easier for you to look for the best security solutions. No wonder the increase in cyber threats has caused an uproar in the IT industry. This is why every business is going the extra mile to make sure no harm is caused by the negative people on the web.

4. Need of the Hour

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There’s no denying the fact, the reliance on technology has grown more than ever. Today, if you talk about any business, seldom will you come across one that doesn’t have an active presence on the digital platform. Now, more and more firms are joining cyberspace. This means every part of your business will be influenced by digitization. Every minute, business moves at high speed on the web. Experts believe there are around 3.2 billion active internet users today. This means, around 40% of the world’s population is on the web and actively involved in different activities. Round 1.65 billion people use the smartphone, which means that a large part of this sector uses them for business reasons. So as your employees switch to their phones, there is a high risk that their personal devices will be attacked by hackers and online predators. As e-commerce is growing exponentially, the importance of enhancing this sector in terms of security has grown too.

5. To Maintain Customer Trust

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If customers aren’t sure about the safety of their data with your company, they will never rely on your product or service at all. Keep in mind; every business is built with the trust factor. However, if the business data gets attacked, it will have a strong impact on the minds of the customers. For example, if you are a local service provider and have sensitive customer data saved with you, customers will perceive your brand in a positive way. However, the minute they’re informed that your system has been hacked, they won’t spend a minute to cut off ties from your firm. In severe cases, businesses can easily lose billions of dollars’ worth money when they pull back their needs. However, if you have a top-notch cybersecurity strategy in place, not only will you be able to protect your business from cyberattacks, but you will easily be able to win the customer’s trust. So now is the best time to settle for a cybersecurity strategy to protect your business from unwanted events.

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