American Horror Story: Read this before watching season 9

A show that is haunting everyone from the past 8 years is returning with season 9. Do you know which tv show I’m talking about? Think harder?

Well, it’s none other than American Horror Story. On Sept. 18 of 2019, the ninth season of the series will be going live on FX Networks.  Similar to the previous editions of the tv series, the title of the show is somewhat different. It will be known as American Horror Story 1984.

Now that the 9th season is close to its worldwide release, I decided to write a post to make sure that you know some key points about the upcoming show. So, let’s proceed:

American Horror Story 1984 Plot

Before watching the show, here’s is the thing you should know first- Plot! Well, if you directly watch the show then there are some chances that you may get confused. At last, you will end up hating the show.

Have you watched the previous seasons of the American Horror Story? If yes, then you might already be aware of the fact that the episodes of the American Horror Story 1984 are inspired by true events.

Now, coming back to the premise, season 9 of American Horror Story takes place at Camp Redwood. Moreover, as the title suggests, throughout the season you will get full vibes of 80’s genre.

The story of American Horror Story 1984 revolves around a group of young adults. Together they decide to head over to Camp Redwood after Xavier (Cody Fern) is hired there as a camp counselor. However, in their way an unfortunate incident happens.

Well, the group accidentally runs over their car on somebody. Later after arriving at the camp, they find out some disturbing & haunting history of the camp redwood.

Do you know anything about history? If your answer is no, then continue reading the post. Well, camp redwood was a place where a violent massacre happened years ago. In that butchery, a person named Mr. Jingles was somehow involved.

However, he was the same guy whom the group killed in the accident. In addition to this, recently, he got successful in escaping from a psychiatric facility.

Then comes a survivor of the serial killer attack, Brooke (Emma Roberts).  After finding out about Mr. Jingles, she decides to stay at the camp get some rest.

American Horror Story 1984 Trailer

Now, that you know everything about the premise of the upcoming season, it’s time for you to watch the complete trailer.

After watching the trailer, you might get an idea of how scary the 9th season of American Horror Story can get. Moreover, in the trailer, you can see all the group members including Deron Horton, Billie Lourd, Angelica Ross, and Gus Kenworthy) fighting off against a serial killer who kills others by using a knife.

So, this Halloween season gets ready to witness horror scenes, bloodshed at their best.

Absence of Fan-Favorite Character.

Sad, but true!!!

Unfortunately, season 9 of American Horror Story will miss fan-favorite actor Evan Peters as he will not be the part of the cast.

This is sad. Isn’t it? Do you know why he will not be in American Horror Story 1984? Well, in a recent interview with GQ, Peter mentioned that demands placed by show makers resulted in hurting his soul. He said, “There’s this massive amount of rage that’s been called upon from me, and the emotional stuff that’s been called on me for Pose [another of Murphy’s shows] has been heartbreaking, and I’m sick. I don’t feel good.

American Horror Story Season 10

For those of you, who don’t know or curious about “What’s Next” after season 9, well, the makers of the show have already renewed the show for the 10th season. In fact, the announcement was made official on August 3, 2018.

Tenth Season of the show will go live next year in 2024. In season 10, fans will witness the return of Coven & Apocalypse.

Isn’t exciting? What do you think? Do let me know via the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions | American Horror Story 1984

Q- Is American Horror Story 1984 Based on a True Story?

A- No. However, you can say episodes of the tv series are inspired by a real-life horror story.

Q- Will there be Evan Peters in the season 9 of American Horror Story?

A- No, he is will not be part of the upcoming American Horror Story 1984. However, Emma Roberts will be there in the horror tv series.

Q- How to Watch American Horror Story 1984?

A- As of now, you can watch the horror show using FX, Hulu, Sling or YouTube tv services in your smartphone or desktop pc.


Hold your heart & get ready to witness one of the dreadful real-life inspired stories. With the release of the new season, all I can hope it to better than the previous seasons of the series. Now, its time for me to end the post. However, before ending it, if you have any questions, do let me know via the comments section given below.

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