iOS 13 Latest Update: What’s New Arriving?

After going through a systematic beta testing iOS 13 will be available officially for iPhone users. Now, the main question is “Which devices will get the latest update?”

Well, everyone, who owns an iPhone 6s or something newer. In the iOS 13 beta, we have seen several new features, but the user experience was not that much fluid. Now, that the beta stage is over, iPhone users will be getting some amazing features with stability updates.

Although, Apple is not going to release all the features that they announced earlier. But still, several new features are coming to iPhones. Now, when it comes down to this post, here I will provide a list of my #6 favorite features of the upcoming iOS 13 update. So, let’s proceed:

1) Light & Dark Mode

First & foremost, I will start the list of my favorite features by one of the most awaited features & that is Dark Mode.

In fact, it was the headlining feature when it was released in the iOS 13 beta update. Now, that it is available for everyone, you can configure the dark mode in your iPhone for the first time. Under the display & brightness settings, you can even schedule the timings of the Dark Mode.

For easy access, you can switch dark & light mode from the control center. Now, as far as compatibility is concerned, most of the iPhone apps support dark mode. So, I don’t you would face any problem with this new dark mode.

2) Contact profile

With the latest iOS 13 update, now, when someone shares a number with you, there is no need for you to set up the contact profile manually.

Well, the main reason behind this is that iOS 13 update directly allows you to add first name, last name & set up a picture as a contact in iMessage.

So, if someone sends you their contact info, you can choose the option to update their contact info. Isn’t it amazing?

Creating a profile is very easy as all you have to do is go to messages, share your name & photo from the settings.

3) Add favorites location & collections

When it comes to Maps, Google Maps is beating Apple Maps in a lot of areas. But now with the latest update, Apple will be giving a tough challenge to Google Maps.

With the newer Apple Maps, you get the feature of setting up your favorite places. Moreover, a new collection feature is introduced that allows you to curate a list of places that are existing in Apple Maps.

Now, when it comes down to adding a favorite place to the new Apple Maps, the simplest was for you is by creating an info card. Later, you can access it by swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone screen.

4) Text Manipulation Gestures

Cut, copy & paste was never easier like this. Now, in iOS 13 manipulation text has become fairly easy. To copy all the text you have selected, use 3 fingers to pinch in on your iPhone’s screen. However, in case you want to cut the selected text, repeat the earlier mentioned process but this time you have to do it 2 times.

Now, that your selected text is in the clipboard, pinch out the 3 fingers of yours, when the cursor is at the right point.

5) Closing idle tabs in Safari

Do you forget closing down the tabs that you have opened on your iPhone? Well, usually this happens to me. In fact, I forget them to close them for days. Now, with the latest iOS 13 update, all this is coming to an end. Wondering how?

Well, now, in the system settings of the Safari browser, you can manually close tabs of your choice. You can choose to close the tabs automatically after One Day, After One Week, or even after One Month.

6) Find devices even if your iPhone is offline

Last but not least, iOS 13 introduces a new Find My app. Wondering what it can do? Well, you can use it to find the device that you have either forgotten or lost. That’s not it. The best thing about this new feature is that it allows you to find your iPhone even if it’s offline.

But how is it possible? Well, all thanks to an encrypted & anonymous, Bluetooth mesh network. You can start using it simply by enabling it from the setting of your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions | iOS 13 Update

Q- When iOS 13.1 beta will release?

A- iOS 13.1 beta will release 1 week prior on September 24, 2019.

Q- Will there be a live share ETA feature in iOS 13 Update?

A- No. It will release in the iOS 13.1 beta update.

Q- What will be the size of the iOS 13 update?

A- Well, you’ll need at least 3 GB of internet data to download the latest update.

Final Words

Now, that Apple has released some of the most awaited features for the iPhone, it’s a matter of time when Apple will go edge to edge with the features of an Android phone. That’s all for now. Download the latest update on your iPhone. However, if you face any problem in installing the latest OS then do let me know via the comments section given below. I will try my best to provide all the solutions.

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