Fortnite Latest Patch Update V12.50 Goes Live

Epic Games has once again released the Fortnite Latest Patch Update V12.50. After a short server-side downtime period last night, the latest patch update went live.

Unlike before, Epic Games does not release official patch notes but no worries as I’ll go through with the latest update to let you know what new is added in the game. Like previous updates, the latest patch update is expected to provide a lot of roundup changes to the game along with bug fixes. Now, let’s find out what new is added in Fortnite Latest Patch Update V12.50.

Heavy Sniper Rifle

That’s the major update. Although, the release of Heavy Sniper Rifle was highly expected what’s surprising is the fact that it’s re-tuned by the Ghost Agents.

I can’t understand why they have weakened the heavy sniper rifle and hide out in Shadow Hideouts. Before this latest retuning, it was possible for you to kill the opponents with one-shot. However, now that’s not the case. Going forward in the game, you can expect the rifle to be less deadly.

Aim Assist

Aim Assist that helps you set up your aim in killing your opponent, has undergone a major overhaul in the latest patch update. Here is what Epic Games mentioned in an email to all the content creators –

“This build includes an AA change which makes 240hz AA act like 60hz AA, which does impact target acquisition. Investigations and tests are ongoing regarding aim assist, and your feedback is appreciated.”

After updated the game to Fortnite Latest Patch Update 12.30, I tried my hands on the game. As I was playing the game via Mouse-and-keyboard, I enjoyed the game thoroughly. Initially, it was a bit difficult for me to play with the Aim Assist.

I guess I did not use to using an Aim Assist in the game. That was my experience with the aim assist in Fortnite. What about you? Have you played Fortnite after the latest patch update? If yes, then how did you liked the newly introduced Aim Assist feature? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

New Limited Time Mode: Operation Payload

As a new addition, Epic Games has introduced a new Limited Time Mode called Operation Payload. Sounds a lot like the Payload mode in Pubg but it isn’t. However, you might resemble this latest model with the Payload maps in Overwatch.

Similar to the Overwatch video game, you’ve to move the payload to its destination. On the other hand, the defending team will try their best to block you from doing so. Here’s what Epic Games updated their users via Email –

“A new spy mode debuts in this build. Use your current spy tech, as well as a new tech in this release, to defend/escort the payload against the other team which tries to stop you — then switch sides. The mode takes you to different parts of the island, check it out, and have fun. We’d also like any feedback you have on the spy tech this season and the progression system.”

Leaked Cosmetics

In the recent patch update, you can easily find a list of cool skins and cosmetics throughout the game. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I expect all this stuff to make their way into the Fortnite Item Shop.

Party Royale

I was excited to play this mode. However, I was disappointed as I got to know that this mode isn’t live yet and as of now, is undergoing limited test runs. In the Email sent by Epic Games, officials stated –

“Party Royale is a new experimental and evolving space. Leave your weapons and mats behind. We plan to run some tests here this Friday at 9 pm EST. These are subject to change, but feel free to come by and check it out.

Tweaks and Fixes

After adding a lot of features in Fortnite, Epic Games has made some tweaks and bug fixes here and there.


  • Resolution and Framerate drops in v12.41

Battle Royale

  • When you enter a new area, Local Challenges were used to disappear. This issue is fixed in the Fortnite latest patch update.
  • “Block damage with a Kingsman” Challenge was unable to track progress which was fixed in the latest update.

Save the World

  • Players may be swapped to their pickaxe when using an ability that’s on cooldown
  • Surround Pound’s heavy attack may not deal damage to husks
  • Stormking Onslaught Projectiles are not functioning correctly
  • Psylocke’s Pickaxe does not swing properly
  • Players may become stuck in a previous Dungeons zone while their teammates are in the next one.


  • Video playback disabled on Android
  • The ping marker displays 0m.
  • Extra Build buttons display Wall icons

Final Words

That’s all for now. These were some of the additions and fixes in the Fortnite Latest Patch Update 12.50. What do you think of the latest update? Did you like it? What new addition you like the most in the Fortnite Latest Patch Update V12.50. Do let me know in the comments section below.

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