Top 10 Nintendo 3DS Emulators for PC and Smartphones

Today, we’ll talk about the top 10 Nintendo 3DS emulator list that you can use to enjoy the gaming feel of classic Nintendo 3DS consoles. However, we know many of you aren’t aware of what a 3DS emulator is. To understand what a 3DS emulator is, we must know its origin – Nintendo 3DS console.

A Nintendo 3DS is a portable gaming console that was launched into the market around 2011. The console was famous for producing 3D visual effects without the need to wear 3D glasses. The game console amassed the popularity due to the vast library of games it has even today.

The game console initially saw slow sales due to how expensive it was, and the company had to significantly reduce the price of the console within six months to remain in the market.

Now, if you’re into Nintendo games but don’t have 3DS at your place to play the exciting games, you don’t have to be sad. We will show you 3DS emulator options from the internet for both PC and Android smartphones.

The 3DS emulator opens up a new world of emulation for you, and you would be hooked to it once tried. Nintendo games are highly popular amongst those who play emulated games on the PC.

We show you 3DS emulator options you have, and how to install it on your device quickly and play your favorite games. Here’s the list:

3DS Emulator: The List of Top 10 Emulators

It is really tough to emulate sophisticated, high-end consoles. You need to have better specs in your device to experience high-quality gaming with a 3DS emulator.


Citra is our number one choice for the 3DS emulator. It’s an excellent 3DS emulator with full compatibility with Nintendo 3DS for computers. You get better resolution with enhanced 3D graphic quality, and it is way better than actual Nintendo 3DS.

You can run it on Windows, macOS X, and Linux operating systems. Citra is open-source software, initially released as an experiment. The emulator can seamlessly play games at a speed of 60fps, besides you get an original resolution of 400×200 console screen. Makes the gaming experience like playing on an actual console.

Citra is perfect ZMMMfor emulation, and it gives you two screens for visualizations, which are viewable. You can use a mouse to control the touch on the screen. You can do it by touching the screen, too, if your laptop touch screen is supportive.

The ROM of the device you are using needs to be decrypted during loading, because it can’t accept dumps from 3DS backups. Windows PCs with 64-bit OS are well suitable for running it. The graphic cards that are compatible with OpenGL 3.3 or above can run it too.

R4 3DS Emulator

The second choice for this list is the R4 3DS Emulator. You can play most of the Nintendo games with this software. However, some people have complained that it doesn’t give you access to recently launched games.

To explain in simple terms, you’re playing software that mimics the entire mechanism of a Nintendo console – including gaming process and graphics. The gaming developers can test their projects using this emulator as they can run the games on PC using this software, no need to run on the console.



Those who have 32-bit computers face problems of incompatibility with most emulators. Hence they have to find the emulators suitable for 32-bit systems. DeSmuME is one of the oldest emulators still running for 32-bit PCs. It runs some commercial games, but developers have to release patches and updates to keep this program bug-free continually.

This program has a few problems, but if your PC runs on 32-bit, you already have limited options.

NO$GBA Emulator

NO$GBA is a reputed free 3DS emulator on the internet. If you want the latest version of the software, you can pay a small amount. You can download previous software if you download the current version of the emulator.

Pretendo NDS Emulator

Pretendo NDS Emulator is a famous emulator, and you can use it on your tablet or Android smartphones. You get access to some of the best games with this app. You can load ROMs with .rom, .ds, .rar, and .zip formats without problem.

However, there’s a twist – the ROMs need to be legally purchased. You don’t get any default ROMs with the app, and you can customize the control as per your liking.

It provides control similar to a Nintendo DS console. You will realize while playing the games that the app saves the progress you made in the game. With some tweaks, you can increase the speed of the game.


3DMOO is an emulator that’s wholly open-sourced. It’s not currently in development. An experienced DS developer was the man behind the development of this software. You can find the files for downloading on places like GitHub, though, and it wouldn’t be an official download.

If you have Windows or Linux systems, it runs well on them.


If you are looking for a PC emulator, iDeaS is a good one. It runs some of the popular console games like Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Diamond, and SuperMario 64 DS. It’s completely free and safe.

Ultimate x3DSx Gold

Ultimate x3DSx Gold is a 3DS emulator for the users of Android smartphones. If you want an emulator that runs all the Nintendo games flawlessly, there’s no alternative to it. Besides, you get access to wireless controllers with the app for the perfect gaming experience.
If you’re an Android user, don’t miss out on this emulator.


If you are looking for an excellent emulator for Android, you should try AseDS. It comes with a range of features like screen display options, custom layouts for gaming, and you’re guaranteed with brilliant gaming experience. It’s new software. Hence it has some minor issues which will be resolved.

Drastic DS Emulator

The final pick for this list is a 3DS emulator – Drastic DS Emulator. It’s popular among Android gamers. The game has made gaming simple on smartphones. The speed you get for the game is quite impressive.

It’s quite stable in terms of performance. You get a Google Drive support, controller support, and fast forward feature.

You can run several games by switching the screens. This game has support for almost all the games, and you can customize the gaming experience to your liking. That makes this 3DS emulator a superior product.

Final Words

With the 3DS emulator list, we suggested to you, and you can run classic Nintendo console games on your smartphones and PC. Select the one which suits your requirements. Share this article with your Nintendo aficionado friends.

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