Fortnite Patch Notes Today 9.30 Released – Update Details

Perusing Fortnite patch notes today is one of the more foreseen pieces of the week for Fortnite players, as each Fortnite fix will, in general, bring a blend of new constrained time modes, new weapons or changes to existing ones.

Every week brings an alternate center, so it merits checking in each opportunity to perceive what each Fortnite patch note today brings. Note for curtness and clearness; I am just including Battle Royale fix reports on this page. In case you’re simply beginning, our Fortnite Battle Royale tips and traps can give some accommodating clues.

fortnite patch notes today

Guide changes are normally made insignificant updates. However, there have been occurrences where Epic have chosen to refresh the guide in the middle of updates. There have been a few changes that were made early today, especially at the Pressure Plant. The Plant was included a spot of the Volcano toward the beginning of the period, and it has experienced some uncommon changes in fortnite patch notes today.


The Stone Family is typically refreshed in each update, in spite of the fact that there isn’t much that changes with MR and Mrs. Stone as they are as yet taking a shot at their plot. Mr. Stone is by all accounts taking a break and is sunbathing, which Mrs. Stone does not appear to be too satisfied with. The Stone Child can be seen strolling around and is pointing up, potentially at the bloom on the edge of the precipice.

Weight Plant

Here is what the Pressure Plant resembles now. The highest point of the plant has been refreshed so there are currently two major entryways, which can’t be opened. This guide change was not found by information diggers in the records as it appears it was scrambled already. Information digger @Guille_GAG has looked at break in-game film of the Pressure Plant once it has been opened, as can be seen.

The plant is by all accounts very profound with fans in the dividers. There is additionally B1, B2, and B3 on the dividers, yet we don’t have a clue about the essentialness of this yet or why the plant would be opened. It is conceivable that this territory could be utilized to trap the Monster that was caught under Polar Peak; however, we should sit back and watch what Epic have available. What might occur here? Tell us in the remarks beneath.

New Revolver Confirmed

The in-game news channel has affirmed that the Revolver will return to the game soon. The depiction on the news source peruses, “Straightforward, dependable, ground-breaking. A few things never get old.”

Back in Season 5, the weapon was vaulted, however dependent on holes from data miners a week ago; it appears as if the new variant will come back with a touch of additional flavor and fortnite patch notes today.

Players should see an all-new Legendary and Epic variation of the weapon added to the game. StormShieldOne has just released the details, which merit a look on the off chance that you need a profound plunge. However, the principal distinction is that the Epic variation will bargain 63 harm through the amazing rendition will bargain 66.

Fortnite 14 Days of Summer Event

Epic Games effectively affirmed that the 14 Days of Summer occasion is set to touch base in the game using another blog entry discharged earlier today. We have every one of the subtleties for the event including discharge date, begin time, prizes and increasingly accessible on the connection, however, while you’re here perusing, this is the significance:

In Battle Royale, every day will highlight:

  • A weapon unvaulted for 24 hours as it were.
  •  A new LTM to play (look at the full determination of LTMs that will appear beneath).
  • A day by day challenge and free reward.
  • New outfits and more in the Item Shop.
  • Imaginative mode players will likewise observe another included island day by day, while Save the world players have the option to finish another mission consistently.
  • Epic likewise included when talking about Save the World: “Complete missions to win stores of Summer Tickets; total each of the 14 to open another unstable weapon!”

Last words on fortnite patch notes today

Over on the recreations Save the World mode in fortnite patch notes today, Epic has noted two issues which are fixed in the following discharge, this incorporates: “Moderate Fields visual is amazingly splendid around the edges” and another issue with the Plasmatron 9000 having a slower than proposed fire rate. Android Voice Chat issues have been causing problems for portable players for quite a while, and however it is recorded as ‘Fixed in next discharge’ on the diversions Trello board, we speculate that despite everything it won’t be fixed.

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