Ark Survival Evolved Update: Patch note for PS4, Xbox and PC

Studio Wildcard is a developer for an action-adventure video game ark survival evolved created in partnership with Instinct Games, Efecto Studios and Virtual Basement. It was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux in August 2017 with Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch updates in 2018. In the game, players have to survive stranded on an island packed with dinosaurs roaming and some of the human players you may encounter

Patch Note Size

Ark Survival Evolved Update has come up with big patch size. 

Studio Wildcard has confirmed that the size of the patch for PlayStation 4 is 13GB and for Xbox one, it comes out with 4.7 GB. the update has trolled out yesterday and you can get those very easily. For PC check out this link for PS4 this link and for Xbox this link

What is New content?

Studio Wildcard has revealed the information on Genesis Chronicles for PS4 and Xbox one for now. The Ark Survival Evolved Update is not just for ps4 and Xbox, it is also for PCs too. Some of the users may get it little delay but it will be on your console.

Ark Survival Evolved on Android

The smartphone users don’t get disappointed by the new Ark Survival Evolved Update. If you don’t have ps4, PC or Xbox for play the Ark Survival Evolved. However, developers rolled this game for android, IOs and Nintendo users in 2018. Can’t say about the Ark Survival Evolved Update in these devices but still, you can enjoy the game by simply download it from play store without any problem.

Here to download on your smartphone

  • Firstly go to you google playstore on your phone
  • Type in ARK: Survival Evolved in the search bar
  • The icon will show up for ark
  • Tap on the install button
  • Once the installation is done wait for the “open” option
  • It’s done and it is in your device, enjoy

Playstation 5 Update

The PlayStation 5 is about to go on the market any time in 2024. The news was in the air for a long time but for this time the sony has finally revealed the look of Playstation 5 and all the key features of this console. Check out the full story here on PlayStation 5

Frequently Asked Questions | Ark Survival Evolved Update

Q: will Nintendo switch will get the update too?

A: Not sure because the developers have not confirmed any new Ark Survival Evolved Update on Nintendo Switch.

Q: When Genesis Chronicles will out for PS4 and Xbox One?

A: it has come to the light that it will roll in this December or possible in the starting months of 2024.

Bottom Line

I couldn’t see any information about the new Ark Survival Evolved Update for Nintendo switch but don’t worry you all Nintendo console fan, there will be one very soon. The size of the patch note is quite a bigger for ps4 and whereas the Xbox users are not that worried about the updating.

It may consume little for time fo ps users on update. I would recommend you to use high-speed wifi for smooth downloading and enjoy the new update and features on your device. Any detail I have missed in this post please tell us in the comment section below.

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