Different casino attires for different occasions – Here’s how to dress up like a winner!

People who have never visited a brick-and-mortar casino, their idea of these gambling establishments is mainly derived from what they might have seen in Hollywood movies. Hence, dressing up for a casino visit would normally involve a dapper suit or a glitzy gown. Even though there are many casinos that are not very strict about dress codes, players and visitors are expected to at least be dressed appropriately. If you are you the type of online casino gambler that wants to play low risk but with a chance to win without dressing up then find the best low deposit casinos here at minimumdepositcasinos.org.

While it might be a good idea to refer to some style guide for casino gamblers, the most important thing is that you wear something comfortable that makes you feel confident of yourself, without veering too much away from the norm. Here in this short article, we will share some advice that might help you in this regard.

White tie occasions

Considered the most formal category of casino attire, it is usually applicable to private events such as a lunch or dinner at a casino. On such occasions, men are expected to put on a black coat with matching trousers, a white shirt (with wing collars), white/grey gloves, white bowtie, shirt studs, cufflinks and black leather shoes, women are expected to wear evening gowns with extras like gloves, tiaras and hairpieces. Here’s how high rollers meet high style at some of the most opulent casinos of the world.

Black tie occasions

Like white tie, black tie occasions are also formal in nature, but their attire-related rules have gotten relaxed over the past couple of decades. Women are expected to show up in an evening dress and shoes, while men must wear a white dress shirt, black bowtie, a waistcoat and a black dinner jacket to go with black leather shoes.

Optional Black Tie occasions

Considered the most common dress code for casino events such as weddings, women must wear evening gowns or cocktail dresses, while men are encouraged to put on a white shirt, dark suit, black leather shoes and a formal tie.

Semi-formal occasions

Considered the standard dress code in majority of casinos, women must wear dresses, pantsuits or cocktail dresses, and men dark business suits, formal ties and dark shoes to go with their outfit.

Casual casino wear

Talking about casual casino wear, it is often misunderstood as wearing only a shirt and shorts. However, in reality, women must wear dresses or summer skirts and men are expected to put on khaki pants or formal jeans, along with plain T-shirts / buttoned-down shirts and loafers/sneakers.

Practical tips on picking the right casino clothes

Whatever the occasion might be, it is important to remember that you should wear something that you feel comfortable in. Women often struggle with too tight or revealing clothes as they must constantly make adjustments to their dresses, so they should ideally steer clear of such clothes. Avoid high heels if you’re not too comfortable in them.

Agreed that they look great on you, but there is no point ending up with sore feet by the end of the night. Men must wear formal shoes, but go with dark loafers if they feel more comfortable in them instead. Your jacket shouldn’t be very tight; ensure it has at least two pockets to be able to accommodate your phone, wallet and few other things.

Please also remember that if you’re visiting a casino after 6 PM, the dress code should be more casual in nature, meaning that women must wear cocktail dresses or pantsuits, and men some semiformal attire. In case you are completely clueless about what colour to wear, going dark would be the safest bet.

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