6 Ways To Get Back in Touch with Yourself – 2024 Guide

As an adult, it’s easy to find yourself flashing back to your adolescent days, reminiscing on how you used to be free of responsibility.

Most of us wonder how we ended up where we are—exhausting cycles of bills, careers, family, kids, health, and so much more.

Who can keep up?

It’s no surprise we can lose sight of who we are, what we like, and what we want to accomplish.

If you’ve found yourself sinking into patterns of people-pleasing and you’re wondering how to tap back into what makes you happy, we’ve got ten helpful tips you’ve got to check out.

1. Practice Self-Love

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When looking at the concept of self-love, we’re looking at how we should love ourselves and look out for our best interests. This looks different from person to person because we all have a different concept of love in general.

Here are some general ideas that encapsulate the concept of self-love.

  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually
  • Cutting out harsh self-judgments
  • Trusting yourself and your abilities

Loving yourself is harder for some than it is for others because some people lack self-esteem and self-love and have for some time—never truly addressing the issue. This only causes the void to deepen and widen, leaving even more work to be done.

Take the time to embrace yourself for who you are, imperfections and all.

2. Don’t Forget Self-Care

Piggybacking off the whole idea of self-love, we can’t forget to highlight the importance of self-care.

Self-care and self-love go hand in hand—almost impossible to have one without the other. There are countless ways you can indulge in self-care. Many love to turn their bathrooms into five-star spas with Epsom salts, scented candles, and soothing tunes.

Additionally, there’s always stuff like face masks, manicures, pedicures, or even hitting up a sauna or steam room.

But keep in mind self-care doesn’t always have to be beauty-based. It can be something as simple as stretching a blanket out in the park and losing yourself in a good book or treating yourself to an iced coffee after a long day at work.

Overall, the main goal is setting aside time to treat yourself to something you enjoy. Some people start to neglect this because they think they’re “too busy” or what have you, but you know the saying, “You can’t pour from a cup if it’s empty.”

The moral of the story: take time to relax and recharge yourself. You’ll be a much happier person.

3. Stop Beating Yourself Up for Past Mistakes

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It’s hard to believe we want to keep replaying past mistakes in our minds, but for whatever reason, it’s a frequent occurrence for some of us.

If this sounds like something you personally struggle with, think about it like this—you have to look towards the future and focus on the present moment. Understand that in the present moment, everything is fine, and no one is perfect.

When you find yourself flashing back to past mistakes, make it a point to stop right then and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

This works in a way to reprogram your mind, but it takes consistency.

4. Always Seek Knowledge

We’ve all heard “knowledge is power.” Still, some of us quit seeking knowledge after high school, college, or whatever educational institution we left off at.

There is much proof pointing to how the practice of lifelong learning enhances brain health. It allows the brain cells to operate at a higher level. We need to exercise the brain, just as we need to exercise the physical body.

There’s also the strong possibility it will lead to a fulfilling, healthier life because it provides mental and emotional stimulation that negates anxiety and depression feelings.

5. Say Goodbye to Negative Influences

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Sometimes you have to take stock of all the people in your life and see if they fit your growth pattern. It’s hard to do, especially if you’ve got lots of love for them, but the truth of the matter is this is a must for our own personal growth.

How can you tell if you’ve got a toxic, negative influence you need to cut from your life? Here are a few telltale signs:

  • Feelings of constant competition
  • You feel drained after encountering them, whether in person or over the phone
  • They try to put guilt trips on you
  • They’re manipulative

These are a few red flags you should notice if it applies to you, but keep in mind that toxic individuals come in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

6. Welcome Calming Vibes

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When trying to get back in touch with yourself, one thing you’ve got to have is the ability to quiet the mind and reflect on the things that matter most to you.

It’s no surprise that we’re all consumed with thoughts of stress, anxiety, fear, and worry most of the time. This makes it next to impossible to hone in on the process of self-reflection. This is where some of us need to help to increase inner peace and welcoming the calming vibes.

CBD is excellent for this because it provides full-body relaxation while tending to other health issues and concerns.

In fact, according to CBDfx, CBD gummies are great for stress, anxiety, and relaxation. At times, we’re in our heads too much, and CBD helps us relax and recenter when we need it the most.

No matter what type of CBD product you settle on, you’ll see how extraordinary cannabinoids are when sprinkled into your regimen.

Things to Keep in Mind

Every day, we’re surrounded by an abundance of influences. Some of these influences make an impression on us, for better or worse.

This is why it’s essential to check in with ourselves periodically to ensure we’re staying true to our authentic selves. No matter what happens, you know who you are, what you want, and what makes you happy.

Keep these tips handy when you feel like you need to do some soul searching. Keep smiling, and keep chasing your dreams. Only the real you understands what you want and how you’ll get there!

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