7 Interesting Facts About Dating on the Internet

Nowadays, dating through the Internet is becoming more and more popular, so a lot of interesting research is currently being held in the field of online dating. We have chosen 7 interesting facts, which will change your attitude about getting acquainted with people online.

#7 Interesting Facts

1) 81% of dating site users lie about their height, weight or age in their profiles

According to studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, women typically indicate three to five kilograms less than they actually are. Men in this regard are more truthful — they reduce only a kilogram or two, but they like to add a few centimeters to their actual growth. Meanwhile, all the information about Ukrainian brides at ladadate.com/ukrainian-brides is carefully checked by the agency.

2) People who mention the word “love” in their profiles increase their chances of finding it

One study showed that dating sites visitors who used the word “love” in their profiles were more successful in their search. The words “heart”, “children”, “romance” and “relationships” also help men in search of a girlfriend.

3) Men spend 50% less time than women reading online profiles of potential partners

This conclusion was made by scientists from Answer Lab, who monitored the trajectories of people’s eyes when viewing profiles on online dating sites. And this is not surprising at all, because men spend 65% more time looking at photographs in profiles than women.

4) Race and social status are very important when dating online

When viewing photos of a person from the “working class”, dating site users answer “yes” in 13% of cases. Photos of users of the “middle class” receive a positive rating in 36-39% of cases. Potential partners give preference to people of a mixed or their own race. However, it does not mean that people of different races are completely uninteresting to each other. According to another study, almost all heterosexual users of online dating sites at least occasionally exchange messages with people of a different race.

5) No algorithms can predict the compatibility of people

Most often, dating sites offer users some algorithms for selecting potential partners. However, according to American psychologists, it is impossible to predict how successful people’s relationships will be based on similar interests.

6) People who meet on the Internet are less likely to get divorced

This phenomenon needs to be studied in more detail, but one of the studies claims that people who meet online divorce only in 6% of cases, while other couples get divorced more often, in 8% of cases.

7) 30% of women and 16% of men consult with friends when filling out a questionnaire on a dating site

According to the Pew Research Center, a total of 22% of users of dating sites consult with friends when filling out their personal data.

Final Words

Online dating websites are the way to meet a decent partner for life. Being acknowledged with these seven facts mentioned above your chances increase significantly. 

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