30 Interesting College Research Paper Topics

College students often search for interesting topics to write their essays about. It can be a challenge to find a compelling topic that hasn’t been done to death or to find an angle that sparks some interest and excitement. Because finding just the right topic is time-consuming and more than a little challenging, we’ve put together a list of thirty interesting college research paper topics. You can either use these directly in writing your college research paper or read them for inspiration to help you find the right topic for your project. With any luck, you’ll have a brand-new topic in mind in just minutes!

Choose One of These College Paper Topics

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  1. How did the U.S. Civil War impact the cotton industry? This topic combines history and economics to explore an old topic in a new way.
  2. How did the Roman Empire handle ethnic diversity? This topic explores history through the lens of a contemporary social issue.
  3. What was the most important effect of World War II on European colonial empires? This topic engages a major event from an unusual angle.
  4. Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a radical or a reformist? This topic allows for a critical reappraisal of a familiar historical figure.
  5. What did Hippie culture contribute to contemporary society? This topic looks at a pop culture phenomenon from a historical perspective.
  6. Compare and contrast Napoleon and Hitler’s invasions of Russia. This topic offers a chance to combine two different subjects.
  7. Compare and contrast the achievements of the Northern Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance. This topic examines different geographical areas.
  8. Trace the rise of hip-hop music and culture over the past half century. This topic examines music from a historical perspective.
  9. Do screenwriters have an ethical obligation to depict ethnic and racial minorities authentically? This topic allows for an ethical evaluation beyond simple factual reporting.
  10. How did Black American music become the dominant influence in popular music? This topic combines art, sociology, and history.
  11. Should capital punishment be eliminated? This topic offers an opportunity to explore a social issue from an ethical and social perspective.
  12. What is the impact of drug legalization on crime rates? This topic provides tools to examine the social effects of political policies.
  13. Should the minimum drinking age in the United States be reduced to eighteen years? This topic brings in philosophical and scientific arguments to explore policy.
  14. What policies most effectively contribute to the elimination of human trafficking? This topic provides space to make a policy argument with evidence and reason.
  15. Do the social impacts of making abortion illegal outweigh the perceive ethical benefits? This topic allows for the exploration of a controversial social issue.
  16. What are the major vulnerabilities in corporate cyber-security and how can they be mitigated? This topic provides a chance to make fact-based recommendations.
  17. What special ethical challenges are unique to small businesses? This topic finds a unique way to apply major concepts,
  18. Should the minimum wage be raised? This topic allows you to make an argument marshaling both factual evidence and ethical evaluations.
  19. Propose an idea for your own online business venture and write a business proposal explaining why it will succeed.
  20. Should euthanasia be legalized? This topic allows for an ethical evaluation of a policy question.
  21. What policies should social media companies enact in order to minimize cyberbullying? This topic provides a way to apply social research to a policy question.
  22. Should there be limits on the amount of cosmetic surgery an individual is allowed? This topic balances personal freedom against medical necessity and social good.
  23. Do colleges have an ethical responsibility to teach their students to value diversity?
  24. Who is responsible for the rise in opioid addictions over the past two decades?
  25. How do private prisons influence crime policy and sentencing laws?
  26. What factors contribute to political polarization and can they be reversed?
  27. Why does the United States lack the political will to enact policies that might control climate change?
  28. How should trans athletes be classified when playing gendered sports?
  29. Is Satan the hero of Milton’s “Paradise Lost”?
  30. Should college tuition be free?

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College Research

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