Cute and Funny Dog Halloween Costume tips and ideas for 2024

Halloween is a time for costumes, and of course, there are always dogs who need to be dressed up too. Whether you’re looking for a kooky costume or something more traditional, we have some cute and funny ideas for you. From Garfield to Scooby-Doo, there’s something for everyone in this roundup of Cute and Funny Halloween Costume tips and ideas. So grab your pup and get ready for a night of fun!

What to wear your dog as a costume


If you’re thinking of dressing up your dog this Halloween, be sure to take into account his size and shape. Here are some tips on how to dress your dog as a costume:

If your dog is a small or medium-sized breed, consider dressing him up as a character from a children’s book or movie. Examples include Silly Sally from The Cat in the Hat, Pugsley from The Addams Family, and Wickerbottom from The Swamp Witch.

The most common type of dog to dress up as is a canine mascot for a sports team – like the Boston Red Sox’s “Cupid” or the Seattle Seahawks’ “Boomer”. If your pet is of this breed, be sure to get his team’s official jersey or uniform.

If the pet is bulldog-sized, you could dress him up as Bullwinkle from Rocky and Bullwinkle (or even Frankenfurter from FRANKENSTEIN). Alternatively, if your dog has more of an anthropomorphic shape – like a schnauzer with human features – he could easily be dressed up as Woody from Toy Story or Boo from Monsters Inc. Find here more ideas for dog Halloween costumes.

Messy and Fun Halloween Costumes

Looking for a fun and messy dog Halloween costume this year? Check out these easy and hilarious ideas!

  1. Put on a silly wig and dress up as your favorite cartoon or movie character!
  1. Create an elaborate DIY makeup look, including fake blood, squished bugs, and melted candy pieces.
  2. Decorate your pooch with colorful streamers and festive pillows – he’ll be ready to party all night long!
  3. Transform your pet into a giant candy bar using some creative wrapping techniques. Bonus points if you can get him to eat the whole thing!

Costumes for Small Dogs


When it comes to picking out a Halloween costume for your small dog, the most important thing to keep in mind is that they need to be comfortable. For animals that are smaller in size, it can be harder to find costumes that fit them properly. Some popular choices for smaller dogs at Halloween include witches, mice, and goblins. If your pet doesn’t like being dressed up, consider choosing a character from their favorite movie or game instead.

Some other things to consider when picking out a Halloween costume for your small dog include their coat type and color. Many small canines have short hair so if you are going with a witch theme, make sure to choose something that will cover their hair well. Additionally, if your dog has a dark coat color you may want to tone down the colors in their costume since they will likely get very hot wearing it all night long.

If you are unsure what size or type of costume your small dog is, take some measurements before shopping so that you can get an accurate idea of what size and style would fit them best. And last but not least, don’t forget the accessories! Small pets often love getting dressed up and adding some extra flair to their costumes with matching ears, tails, or noses!

Cute Dog Halloween Costumes for Big Dogs

  1. Doggie disco! For a dance party twist on your costume, dress your pet up in a fluffy pink dress and matching shoes. Top off the look with a big floppy bow and you’re good to go!
  2. Beanie baby dog! This one’s easy – just grab an old baseball cap or beanie and dye it black. Then, sew small white stars to the front of the hat. Your pet will look like a little star-bedecked pup all night long!
  3. The scruffy-looking mutt! This costume is perfect for those of you who don’t want to go too overboard with your pet’s costume but still want him to stand out from the rest. All you need is some dirty clothes (or even nothing at all!) and some fake scruffy fur. You can also decorate your pup’s body however you like – this is definitely one doggie costume that will be hard to beat!
  4. The sassy pup! If your dog loves to talk back then this is the perfect costume for them! All you need is some furry ears, a wagging tail, and a snide attitude – voila, your pooch is ready to roll!

How to make a Dog Halloween Costume


Tuck in your pet’s ears: This is an easy way to make your dog look like a barking ghost. Just tuck one or both ears between the top of their head and their skin.

Create a Frankenstein mask: Take two pieces of white fabric or gauze, cut them into a rectangular shape that is comfortable for your dog, and fasten them together at the bottom with a stitch or glue. Then, cut holes for the eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. Finally, create a Frankenstein-like smile by cutting triangular pieces out of black felt and attaching them to the sides of the white fabric/gauze mask.

Dress up as a skeleton: If you’re looking for something easier than creating a Frankenstein mask, why not just go as a skeleton? All you need is some brown fabric (a shirt or jacket will work great), some fake bones (available at most hardware stores), and some sewing skills! Cut out strips of fabric about 20 inches long by 1 inch wide then sew them together along one edge to make a big “skull.” For the “bones,” just use leftover Halloween decorations like pumpkins or gourds!

Go as Bob The Builder: If you have an older pet who loves construction toys, why not give him or her a costume to wear this Halloween? All you need are some construction paper plates, cones, shovels, and a little bit of creativity! You could make Bob The Builder costumes for both your pet and yourself!


If you’re planning on dressing up your dog for Halloween this year, be sure to check out our list of the cutest and funniest dog costumes. Whether you want to go with a classic furry costume or something more unique, we’ve got you covered. And if your pet is already dressed up as a favorite character from their favorite movie or TV show, don’t forget to take some photos and share them with us on social media! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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