Cute Pregnancy and Baby Photos You Should Try in 2024

Pregnancy and baby photoshoots are great ways of celebrating both the pregnancy and the addition of a new family member. Most women confess that they feel their best when pregnant, but a small percentage don’t love how they look.

As a professional photographer, you can make your subject look beautiful and love her new looks by suggesting poses she never knew or had never tried. You can then partner with experts to help you transform the photos into custom DVD and Blu-ray slideshows. This is an excellent way to document the pregnancy, as well as the birth and the baby’s early years.

We researched and put together some of the most trendy pregnancy and baby photos to give you inspiration for some of the best poses your subjects can try. Let’s dig in.

1. Milk Bath


A milk bath is not a very popular trend, but it is one of the cutest pregnancy photos with the most shares and mentions on social media. To execute this pregnancy photo idea, you will need warm water, cornstarch mixture, milk, and of course, a bathtub is a must-have.

Begin with filling the bathtub with warm water and continue until it’s about ¼ full. After that, add your cornstarch and powdered milk to the warm water. To get an even distribution of the cornstarch and powdered milk, consider using a whisk to mix them.

Fill the bathtub to about ⅔ its capacity and then ask the subject to get in it. Let her sit squarely inside the tub, looking up at you and then position the flowers decoratively around her. You can make this session even more personal and engaging by trying other poses and by having her choose the flowers and colors she loves to be used during the sessions.

2. Belly Painting

If you’re an avid social media user and photography enthusiast, you might know that belly painting is another pregnancy photo idea that’s turning many heads around. Most people are fascinated by belly art, and you can always suggest ideas that you believe would look pretty cool on her.

Either way, you may also let her come up with the design and use the unborn baby’s sex (if they know it already) as an inspiration for the designs. To get the best art, you may need to get an expert body artist to help you out.

3. Let Her Get the Partner Involved


A maternity photoshoot won’t be complete without the subject’s partner in the picture. The excitement that the couple shares together will undoubtedly glow in those images.

Once the partner is ready, get them to try varied poses. After all, there’s no cardinal rule that they’ll always have to stand smiling in front of the camera.

4. Play with Backdrops

The shoot’s location would also be a significant determiner in terms of the creative flair and charm that will be displayed in the final photos. Try different settings but be keen to get the perfect lighting configurations and outfits that will blend well with the backdrops.

Most people like backdrops with soft hues and floral patterns, but this shouldn’t influence your decision. Still here, you may need the mom or family’s input for the best background to adopt for the sessions.

5. Get the Children in the Picture


This may sound simple, but it is one of the most tricky and interesting photo ideas in most cases. There’s nothing that bonds couples together more than their children, and it would make absolute sense to get the children involved as well.

Still, you’ll need to try different poses and see what is more appealing. You may also try a few backdrops and outfits to see the ones that will stand out.

6. Go for the Beach Beauty

A beach would work perfectly well because of the assortment of colors that are around it. Besides, it is also calming, and beautiful with a romantic touch.

However, it would be better if you take your shots around sunset if you want to get stunning soft images. You may also ask them to bring beachy attires for a better look.

Perhaps the only problem you’ll have to deal with is the lighting. Some photographers find it a challenge, but if you arrive in the evening and know how to balance light and other effects, you’ll be good to go.

7. Frog Pose


Frog pose is a rather popular option that is common with most parents. While the Frog pose stands out in most cases, you’ll both have to keep an eye on the baby’s comfort and safety. One of the best ways to execute this is to let the baby’s legs rest by the sides and leave the hands kept under its chin naturally.

8. Womb Pose

Also known as the Taco pose, this is another baby photo idea that most parents find quite exciting and playful. The womb pose is appropriate because it is not only comfortable but also natural. It also lets you get a better focus on the baby’s face.

9. Wrapped


Ideally, wrapped photos shouldn’t be complicated. It is as simple as getting the baby carefully wrapped with its hands out or in.
Try different angles and see what stands out. As with the womb and frog poses, your focus is still going to be on the baby’s comfort and safety. Irrespective of the angle you try, always try to maintain safe conditions for the baby.

10. Dinosaurs (Dino) Themed Shots

Dino-themed baby images are more practical if the baby is a boy. Typically, you’ll be taking the pictures with the baby dressed in Dino costumes.

These outfits are available in a plethora of colors and designs. You can look up a few ideas or let the parents pick the color options that interest them.

Over to You

Pregnancy and baby photoshoots are dear to most parents. To be on the same page with your clients always, ensure that you communicate your timelines well. If there are special props, you may want them to carry along if you’re going to take the shots from your studio, let them know about this early, and prepare for them. This ensures a successful photo shoot and happy clients. With the addition of enlisting experts for creating slideshows or photo books, you will be able to maintain your clients for years to come.

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