2019 Guatemalan General Election – Facts and scenario

2019 Guatemalan General Election – Facts and scenario

2019 Guatemalan general election results in Guatemala’s presidential election point are leading by businesswomen. After the closing of the polls, three hours later it was discovered that votes are tailed only from 13% of polling centres. The former first lady of the city “Sandra Torres” able to capture more than 22% votes. Whereas Alejandro Giammattei who was able to capture only 16% votes. There was a total of 19 candidates of the election process, but the early results of polls were as expected by the people.

According to observation, no candidate won with a good margin everyone stops at 50% votes or least. According to facts, the second round of the election will be conducted in August.

2019 Guatemalan General Election - Facts and scenario

What the candidates up to?

There are thousands of families of the city which are making their way to the north every month. The candidates must address the migration range from a farmer to a military man. There were so many different campaigns to address the migrations with various aspects like education, employment, poverty, health, infrastructure, and agriculture in the rural area. Giammattei have strategies to create a wall of jobs and opportunities to benefit the migrants. He stated this in his interview last week, significantly the requirement of huge foreign investment.

Arzu planned to address the US military by saying that he would like to invite the US and Israel to supervise ports, immigration, airports, and customs.

Things should be noticed

Past three years, we have seen countless candidates while becoming candidates. Officials reported so many issues of threats and pressure during the time of the election. But nothing stables for a long time most of those peoples were killed, and rest of them were arrested.

2019 Guatemalan general election are believed to filled with lots of corruption as well. Three from the last four presidents were arrested for the charges of corruption. So, it is fair to say that 2019 Guatemalan general elections are not safe, and candidates are also not clean completely.

Current scenario

More than 8.1 million citizens of the country were eligible to cast their vote for one of the 19 candidates to elect vice president, mayors, and congressional representatives. In 2019 Guatemalan general election marked for the first time when 60,000 people are eligible to cast their votes in New York, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Police and municipal officials stood to guard people who were waiting to cast their votes on Sunday. According to facts, more than 7,000 did not get the chance to cast their votes. In the Zacapa department, which is situated to the east of the capital, voting stations didn’t open because the organizers were frightened with the violence.

Our predictions

According to some sources near borders with Mexico candidates also try to buy votes of people as well.

2019 Guatemalan general election is a very hard rode for the candidates as well as for those who want to cast their votes. I hope everything will end peacefully and nobody will get harmed. If the presidents do not try to address the roots of the migrant’s majority like inequality and poverty, migrants will never trust their presidents. We hope migrants will get their right in the country and everybody may live a happy life.

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