How much do they make on webcam? Real stories, numbers and facts

Recently, a lot of information on the alternative ways to earn money started to appear across the web. In 2024, when literally the whole world went online because of the pandemic, many people started looking for work opportunities online. We got intrigued which options are being offered nowadays and came across the industry of webcam. It looks like a promising niche and becomes popular not only in Serbia but also in other countries of the world. We got hooked by the opportunities and decided to check if a lot of girls really do make good money working in the industry for adults.

A girl from Washington shared the real numbers of her income on the web.

First, we talked with several webcam models who have social media accounts. It turned out that many of them work in tandem with their husbands or boyfriends, and some are broadcasting with their girlfriends.

We decided to learn how much one can make on a webcam site, and found a real story of Sofia from Washington .

She speaks frankly about her income and even gives exact numbers.


Sofia is active on Instagram, and she recently told her subscribers about her earnings on BongaCams and even posted a photo of a check for $28,296.03 for one month. The amount is several times higher than the average salary in the country, and it is not surprising: thanks to mass self-isolation, webcam sites have become even more popular all over the world. At the moment the site is ranked 36th among all the sites in the world according to the Alexa rating. It is an interesting fact that in many countries the website bypasses such popular social networks as Facebook and VK, as well as Wikipedia and many other famous web pages. We dare say that communication with beautiful girls is something that is missing during the pandemic and many just want to have a good time. While for the others, webcam is an opportunity to make good money without leaving home.

She also occasionally shares useful tips in her stories:

  1. How to increase earnings and boost popularity?
  2. How to make sure that users from Washington don’t see your broadcasts?
  3. What are the best working hours?
  4. What other ways to make money on cam sites are, etc.

One of her posts gathered a large number of likes. Sofia said that she had earned $4,228 in a day!

“Thank you, BongaCams!!! ❤ Thanks to everyone who watches my broadcasts and makes my every day happier!

She began to actively travel while working on the web, and now posts amazingly beautiful photos and makes stories from exotic places she manages to visit.

“If someone told me six months ago how sharply my life would change, I wouldn’t believe it!” – she wrote on Instagram.

Travelling helps the model to make her streams even more interesting and attract more viewers, as she can go live from any part of the world where she has internet access and enjoy the outstanding views together with the followers, while being near the pool or on the beach.


Similar examples can be found. Many agree that jobs like thse gives not only stability, but also a sense of freedom. You can broadcast from anywhere, even via a smartphone, while still making good money anytime. There are no special requirements, except for the minimum age of 18, so you can start working at any moment. Paradoxical as it might seem, the pandemic has helped many girls to see new opportunities and revealed the huge potential of webcam sites, which enable you to make excellent money without leaving home.

Inspired by the stories of others, we decided to check if it is true that a girl with no experience in webcam can make good money just by chatting in front of a camera. Especially for our audience we run an experiment to find out all the details of work on webcam websites and are gonna share with you the most interesting findings we got to know!
A female journalist conducted an experiment: she registered on a webcam site and earned $4800!

We decided to take a closer look at the world of webcam and see how everything works from the inside. On a special page of the platform we found information about the girls’ earnings over the last month.

For sure, one thing is information from the web, another – personal experience. To prove the data and make sure everything is really as it is said to be, one of our journalists took a laptop with a webcam and registered on the website as a model.

The overall signing up process took about 10 minutes and half an hour later the application was approved. The journalist decided to go online right away. She broadcast exclusively wearing a swimsuit, without undressing, and communicated with users only on the most common topics. Working only a couple of hours at a time, she managed to earn $4800 in a few days! No one expected a result like this, we must admit!


In addition, the journalist talked to several webcam models on the site – a girl and a couple who had been working on for some time already. They confirmed that being home and just communicating with users, one can earn decent money. It’s not a must to look like a model or know any special tricks.

You don’t necessarily need to get naked to get viewers’ attention. Some people register on sites like these to express themselves, show their talents and find the audience that would appreciate and admire them.

Having worked on the webfor just a few days, the journalist managed to see that webcam sites create as favorable conditions as possible for earning money. Given the possibility to work from home and go online at any time, webcam can be surely called one of the most accessible sources of income.

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