How Much Is Too Much To Spend on a Bridesmaid Dress: 4 Tips for Saving Money

When it comes to the cost of a bridesmaid dress, the debate can remain heated among brides and bridesmaids alike. Many argue that brides should not be expected to foot the bill for their attendants’ dresses, as this may be too large a financial burden for some budgets. On the other hand, when you are trying to create an aesthetically pleasing ensemble of bridal party attire, there may be some situations where spending more than you expected is necessary. With so many options available today, it can be difficult to determine what is considered an appropriate sum to spend on dresses for your attendants. Understanding the different factors that go into pricing a dress can help in making an informed decision about what is right for your occasion and budget

Before you commit to a certain style and price point, there are a few factors that need to be taken into account.

Types of Bridesmaid Dresses:

  • Floor-length: Formal gowns that brush the ground — most common for weddings.
  • Tea-length: A versatile style, these knee-length dresses provide a classic look while still remaining comfortable.
  • Short/Mini: A fun take on the traditional bridesmaid look, these shorter skirts tend to be more affordable as compared to floor-length styles with less fabric being used.
  • High Low Hemline: This dress mixes modest with modern – the skirt is longer in the back than in the front creating a gorgeous silhouette and allowing for freedom of movement.
  • Two Piece Gowns: Offers the same level of formality while allowing each bridesmaid to express her own personal sense of style with separately tailored pieces.
  • Jumpsuits/Rompers: Perfect for those seeking something out of the ordinary – this high fashion look creates an unforgettable statement piece.

What to keep in mind?

The cost of bridesmaid dresses can quickly add up, and budget is often the key factor for many brides when selecting their bridesmaid dresses. Before deciding on a dress, it’s important to consider what type of dress you’re looking for and other factors that may affect the price such as:

  • Fabric quality: Beaded or embroidered fabrics will typically cost more than those made of polyester or satin.
  • Color: Bridesmaid gowns come in a variety of colors, however, rare shades are more expensive than common ones.
  • Accessorizing: Most bridal stores offer accessories (clutches, jewelry, makeup) that can be purchased along with the dress. Be mindful that each of these items will add to the total cost of the look.
  • Alterations: Depending on whether alterations need to be made, there may be an additional cost associated with getting a custom fit.
  • Shipping costs: If there are shipping costs involved in getting your dresses from one place to another, this will obviously be included within your final budget amount for each dress.

The average cost


Typically, dresses range from $75-$400. Factors that will affect the total cost include the type of fabric (silk, lace, chiffon, etc.), the specific designer used for that particular dress, and any additional embellishments such as appliques or beading. The cost may also be dependent upon where the dresses are purchased—local boutiques may have higher prices than online stores.

When choosing a dress for bridesmaids to wear on your special day, it’s important to consider your own budget and that of your ‘maids. Your bridesmaids will likely be responsible for buying their own dresses; while they should be considerate of your budget constraints, they should also not have to break their own budget in order to adhere to yours. If you want to see some affordable yet elegant options, visit here.

Keep in mind what you would feel comfortable paying if you were in their shoes; that should make it easier to select a dress within everyone’s price range. Particularly with weddings where multiple events are taking place (ceremony/reception/brunch/etc.), look for multi-ways styling options or an unbranded fabric so that each attendee receives maximum bang for her buck!

The most expensive bridesmaid dresses

At the higher end of the spectrum, pricier gowns can cost anywhere from $200-$500 or more depending on factors such as fabric type, designer level, and customization. If you’re looking for an especially unique look or fabric for your wedding day, this could be an option for you. One question many people have when considering this option is whether or not their bridesmaids will actually wear it again; unfortunately, there is really no way to predict that and most brides opt to go with something that isn’t quite so expensive just in case the dress never sees any more action beyond the wedding day.

Tips for saving money

  • Shop online: Doing online research will allow you to compare prices and shop around for deals that may be lower than what you can find in stores.
  • Go bargain shopping: Many department stores and outlets offer fashionably affordable alternatives to designer labels. Also, consider consulting consignment shops or even perusing thrift stores for unique pieces at reasonable prices.
  • Shop secondhand: Take pointers from friends who have already gone through their big day and see if they would like to pass on their gowns, perhaps at no cost. You can also use websites such as eBay or Craigslist where preowned dresses are sold periodically – just remember to thoroughly inspect any purchases you make!
  • Opt for separates: Have bridesmaids wear different styles with either an identical top/bottom combination or something that looks well when paired together but can be worn again separately. This will allow them more options when selecting pieces without sacrificing the cohesion of the entire party’s look!


It can be difficult to know what is the right amount to spend on a bridesmaid dress. Ultimately it will depend on your budget and how important it is to you that your bridesmaids look and feel their best. Have a financial plan in mind before you start shopping, take into account any extra costs such as alterations, and consider the environment and ethical production when making your purchasing decisions. Remember – your wedding day should be about celebrating love and creating beautiful memories, not about putting yourself in debt for an overpriced dress.

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