Is it Too Early for the ‘C’ Word? Saving Money now in time for Christmas

When the end of the Summer is upon us, many people start to look ahead to plan for the next big holiday on the calendar. For most, this is Christmas and although it seems slightly too early to be mentioning the C word already, for those that struggle to manage their finances over the festive period, planning early now can really make the difference.

There are many little changes you can make right now, today, which can help reduce your spending, reduce your bills, and ultimately save you money. More money saved can mean a more comfortable Christmas for you and your family. Rather than stack up debts on credit cards in December, you can rest assured that you have the money there – and you won’t be paying it off for the rest of 2024!

With that in mind, here’s how to save money in time for Christmas:

Plan your dinners ahead of time

A little forward planning can make a big difference. If you figure out which meals you are cooking each night, you will be less likely to find yourself without anything in the fridge after a tiring day at work and opt for a takeaway. Takeaways cost so much money in the long run – and this small saving can make a big difference.

Unplug appliances

The ‘massive money saving blog post suggests unplugging appliances as a way of cutting down on electricity bills and therefore saving money. Wonga say, “Even when they’re turned off, appliances and electronics on standby draw electricity that can amount to between 10% and 20% of your electricity bill…In winter, use electric blankets in preference to a heater in the bedroom. An electric blanket uses only 3 kW.h of electricity a week. A small heater could use up to four times as much!” You might also consider taking your TV off standby, as this also uses up a lot of electricity – Shocking!

Staying in is the new going out

Why not arrange a night in with friends or your partner, rather than going out and spending money? You can rent a film, make a nice meal, and buy some drinks in – rather than spending a lot of money on the heightened prices when you go out. You can put that money you would have spent in a dedicated savings account.

Drink more water

In a similar vein to the above, switching your drinks from fizzy drinks/shop bought coffees to water is a great way to save money. The Financially Alert blog says, “Drinking water is much better for your health and your wallet. It’s not rocket science, but it can be hard if you don’t find the right reasons to change. So, the next time you go to reach for a soft drink, consider your health, consider your wallet, and a compelling future that YOU deserve. The more you do it, the less you won’t be wasting money on soft drinks, you’ll start eating less, and you won’t stop at convenience stores all the time.”

Quit smoking

This is a great tip for several reasons! Many people talk about New Year Resolutions, but how about kicking the habit in time for the festive period so you don’t hit the January blues – where you suddenly deprive yourself of your addiction? Not only can you feel better sooner, but you can save SO much money as a result!

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