The Boeing crisis, the tensions are at odds with the Paris exhibition

Security concerns, commercial wars and mounting tensions in the Gulf are delaying the minds of the world’s biggest planners when Ayrshaw arrives in Paris this week with several opportunities to celebrate despite significant books.

The arms of the aerospace industry are an opportunity to use the $ 150 billion commercial aviation industry, which many analysts say is slowing down due to global pressures on commercial pressures on stormy economies, and highlighted Lufthansa’s warning about earnings on Sunday.

 boeing crisis

Boeing to postpone the decision to launch a new medium-sized NMA

Industry sources have said that Boeing has postponed the decision to launch a new medium-sized NMA for the market, to pay full attention to the 737 Max engine and the latest 777X diesel engine. But he can offer a series of offers for wider jetliners against Airbus, including at least a dozen planes for Korean aircraft lines and some demand for 777 ships.

Meanwhile, Airbus is ready to approve orders for Atlantic A330neo and Virgin Atlantic. “We anticipate some large orders you will receive during the week, but that’s not our goal in the program,” Minenburg told reporters.

Robert Stallard of Energy Partners expects about 800 aircraft orders for this event

He noted that it is difficult to see what new orders, fixed or old orders or brand models really are. He compared 959 of some orders and assignments at Farnborough Airshow last year. Some analysts have indicated almost 400. Despite the slowdown, airport orders over many years continue to reach suppliers such as engine manufacturers. The French-American CFM International should announce record bookings per unit for over 600 IndiGo engines in India.

The latest version of the world’s largest seller safety aircraft belongs to Airbus suppliers and competitors, which avoids Boeing’s traditional understanding while at the same time eliminating the contamination test. Airspace managers on both sides of the Atlantic are concerned about the impact of the crisis on public confidence in air travel and the risk of acute reactions, which could lead to regulatory problems affecting the aircraft certification scheme

The airlines fled to buy Max Fuel Efficient

The fuel efficiency that had a big impact, because they had to cancel thousands of flights after global growth in March. It is likely that the planned versions will add a newer version of the successful Airbus A320neo family, the A321XLR, which will end the uncertainty of the industry, analysts say.

The airline maker hopes to launch an airplane with up to 200 orders backed by at least one buyer, such as American Airlines, but the final race for prizes is taking place. Air Force representatives also witnessed a confrontation between the United States and Iran in the Gulf.

The United States accuses Iran of attacking two oil tankers on a vital transport route that has raised fears of a wider conflict in the region. In another political dispute with implications for the arms companies participating in the fair, the United States threatened to cancel Turkey’s participation in the Lockheed F-35 aircraft acquisition program by Ankara. Russian radar.

Final Words

A closer look at the exhibition is China, whose space ambitions are growing at a time when trade tensions between China and the United States are growing. Provided, the possible meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.


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