How to grab Pennsylvania License and hunting schedule?

Pennsylvania License for the year of 2019-20 hunting season will go on sale on June 17. This is a golden opportunity for hunters. This year you can also get an additional thing with this license like printed hunting and trapping Digest of rules and regulations along with additional information.

Pennsylvania License


Pennsylvania License Evolution

Previous two years, the digest provided free online licenses along with downloadable digital copy which can be printed by hunters while printing can cost them $6 additional charges.

Commission later noticed that the count of hunters is growing day by day they continue to issue the license in $20.90 for the residents and $101.90 for outsiders or nonresidents. This year two new hinting seasons are introduced by the commission one is September archery season and second in January season for antlerless hunting. The January season can be considered as an extension to the general season which is November season.

How to apply for Pennsylvania License?

Hunters can apply to grab a chance to participate in one of more seasons. To make this possible, they need to pay the application fee for each season, which is $11.90. This means that if they want to apply for all seasons of Pennsylvania License, then they need to pay $35.70 in total.

Commission releases total of 142 hunting licenses and 32 licenses for antlered elk. The tile limit to apply for Pennsylvania License is July 31. The application submission time for Pennsylvania License starts on Monday, July 8.

Limits and schedule of few seasons

The following is the bag limit for the hunting season:-


This season will be special for the eligible junior hunters who can take part in the elk season with or without licenses from October 5-19 daily, and there is possession limit after day one which is 18.

Ruffed grouse

For this, a hunter will get 6 possessions two times daily from October 19 to November 29.


This is also eligible for beginners or junior hunter who can participate with or without a license from October 5 to February 19 (12 possessions, four daily).


Pheasant is eligible for beginners with r without a license from October 5 to February 29 (4 daily, 12 possessions). There is, no season opening for taking pheasants in the wild Pheasant recovery areas.

Bobwhite Quail

It can be taken from October 19 to February 29 (24 possessions, 8daily).

Snowshoe Rabbit (Hare)

Hunters can take it from December 26 to January 1 (3 possessions, 1 daily).

Woodchuck (Groundhog)

There is no limit on the Groundhog. Hunters can take them during regular days as well.


It can be taken on Saturday and Sunday only. There are no other restrictions on possessions.


There is no limit to take Starling except while antlered and antlerless deer seasons.

Wild Turkey

It can be taken by shotgun and bow and arrow only from November 2 to November 9 (for males) and from November 2-22 to November 28-29 for females.

Spring Turkey

This season is eligible for beginners and mentored youth that will be going till 25, 2024.

The above are few seasons described and to get more information about the various Pennsylvania License seasons please refer the official website of the commission.

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