End of a Legendary dessert store Sucré

Sucré is a well known and well-established dessert shop. It was founded by Chef Tariq Hanna at three locations in the city (New Orleans). It is announced by the company that Sucré will be closing all their locations on Monday (June 17).


Sucré managers release a statement that is “Your support of our products has touched our hearts, and we will be forever grateful that you allowed us to expand your love for finer pastries in our community with our macarons, chocolates, gelatos, cakes, and entremets.”

History of Sucré

The company started its business on Magazine streets by selling sweets. Later on, they add additional shops which are situated in Metairie and the French Quarter. Except for the French quarter all two stores have one floor or story only. The company supplied a large number of items at various grocery stores and airport shops as wholesale items.

Previous year Hanna resigned from Sucré, at that time the company just had 80 employees. According to “The Times-Picayune” Hanna resigned shortly after allegations of sexual harassment was applied on him by various female staff members. According to various sources of The Times, Hanna was charged to sexual misbehave with his female staff members including topless pool parties with the female staff and sexual encounters at the workplace. And now after working in the market for 13 years, the company is suffering from financial crises.

Current situation

According to a notice released on Sucré online store, the business would work to compensate the money of orders made on since Friday morning in just 72 hours. It is stated in the notice that “These orders will not be processed and all funds will be returned to the purchaser.”

“Thank you for your patronage of Sucré during these past 13 years,” said by the manager of Sucré. He also adds to his statement, “Over the past year, our Executive team has operated in a responsible manner and has attempted to bring the company to financial profitability. It is with profound sadness that we must notify you that we are closing effective Monday, June 17, 2019.”

Consumers who purchased gift cards before that period will not be able to get any benefits from them. Some customer’s tries to redeem these cards at the Metairie store and staff members told them that they could not be redeemed. Customers reported that inside the stores, all the items like macaroons, chocolates, and other items are removed from the counters and packed in the large plastics which may be deposited in the dumpsters.

Executive chef Ashley McMillion of central kitchen mid-city declined to comment on the situation.

I want to wish them luck for the better future, and also I am sad with this condition of the store.

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