HBO’s new show is controversial titled “euphoria”

Here’s all you need to know about the new HBO “Euphoria” program. It was produced by Drake, but is much more graphic than “Degrassi”. Rapper Drake met his career in the seven-year season in the Canadian drama “Degrassi”, so it’s no surprise that he is the true producer of “euphoria”.

But while “Degrassi” was quite a reserve in the way that it is about addiction, teenage pregnancy, and other problems, like “euphoria”, it seems that it requires a much more graphic look at the contemporary experiences of adolescents.

According to HBO, the future manager Drake, Prince, is also in charge of producing a new executive program. Since last July, Drake shares the promotions of its program on Twitter, and Kron Teaser recently released the teaser on May 11th.

HBO’s new euphoria program is already on the front page before June 16

Hollywood Reporter published an article last week describing some of the controversy surrounding the series, including the fact that the cast member left the shooting center because he was not pleased with the subject. Creator Sam Levison waits for controversial content from the series, says Hollywood Reporter: “There will be parents who will be completely insane.” The program will include many nudity and other adult content, although it will focus on the lives of high school students being portrayed as a drama for teens.


HBO’s new “euphoria” program getting launched on Sunday 16 June caused much controversy even before the first episode was broadcast. The star singer and remake of Zandaya “A Wrinkles in Time” is part of the cast of various euphoria. Although the program is at risk as a drama for children, the episodes will include nudity and other types of adult content, such as drug overdoses and sexual violence.

“Euphoria” is based on an Israeli television program with a similar concept.

According to sources, all the controversies are said to be unsure or maybe not allowed to spread. This is done to get a good amount of viewers and people like the new program. It has already got a good response from the audience after its teaser. Directors and producers want to realize it smoothly without any obstacles.

Even after controversies, this program will get broadcasted on its estimated date 16 June Sunday. Good response from all audience is excepted and may come with a bang. Regular viewers are saying euphoria will have a good catchy story and theme. It will be interesting and out of the box series even though it is based with some adult contain. All the things will be decided by the audience itself after watching it.

Final Words

There won’t be much problem for its broadcasting but due to controversies, it may get an effect on its views and responses. Still, all are hoping for a good and attractive kind of stuff from the program. Hopefully, it won’t let anyone down due to its content, skills, and acting. They should deserve the right magnitude of response for their efforts. If you are watching Euphoria, let us know your take on this controversy in the comments below.


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