Pensacola Beach Air Show scheduled for July 12 & 13

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Hang onto your hat and experience the magic of flight as half a dozen civilian stunt pilots and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels zip and zoom above the Pensacola Beach skies July 12-13 at the annual Pensacola Beach Air Show, hosted by the Santa Rosa Island Authority.

“Every year we look forward to hosting this world-famous air show along the shores of this world-class beach with our hometown heroes, the Blue Angels,” said Robbie Schrock, director of administration for the SRIA.

The elite flight demonstration squadron of the United States Navy, Blue Angels, is the highlight of the show

Look to the horizon of the Gulf of Mexico as six, the blue and gold F-18 Hornets of the firm make their way onto Pensacola beach, flying from one end to the other just centimeters from each other. Spectators will be able to see aeronautical maneuvers such as the Diamond Dirty Loop, the Double Farvel, the Vertical Pitch, the Fleur-de-Lis, the Opposing Knife-Edge pass, and the favorite Sneak Pass. These are just some of the hallmarks of choreographed precision that the Blue Angels have perfected over the last 70 years.

In addition to the Blue Angels, there will also be a large number of acrobatic and stunt performers who defy death, including solo pilots Gary Ward; Kevin Coleman; Skip Stewart; and Julian MacQueen; in addition to Ken Rieder and Shaun Roessner with Redline Aerobatic Team.

In addition, the veterans flight team will fly up to a dozen of the World War II’s old Stearmans; and the United States Coast Guard will conduct a helicopter search and rescue demonstration next to the Pensacola Beach fishing pier.

The Pensacola air show includes interactive exhibits, military recruiting stations and all kinds of vendors on the beach:

On July 10, around 8:00 a.m., when the Blue Angels arrive and circle in a circle to mark the coordinates and the central points of the beach along the Pensacola beach, they will start the week of the air show.

On July 11 at 2 p.m., the Blue Angels perform a complete practice show at Pensacola Beach. For those who want to see the performance of the Blue Angels without the massive weekend crowds, this is a perfect solution.

On July 12, the general rehearsal of Pensacola Beach Air Show is held, with civil acrobatic acts beginning just before noon. The Blue Angels rise to the heavens at 2 p.m. when Fat Albert, the C-130 of the Blue Angels, passes over to indicate the start of the show.

On July 13, it marks the official air show of Pensacola Beach and follows exactly Friday’s dress rehearsal program, depending on the weather.

Final Words

“The Pensacola Beach Air Show is a fantastic show and attraction for tourists and locals to be able to enjoy every summer,” said Ghio. “We welcome everyone to come and experience the magic of flying on our pristine shores, white as sugar.” Are you awaiting already? Are you excited about the air show? What are your expectations from the upcoming air show? Now the wait is finally over here. Let us know your attachment to the show in the comments below. 

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