10 Best Restaurants in Pensacola Beach 2024: Your Guide to Culinary Delights

The Grand Marlin

the grand marlin


Located at the gateway to Pensacola Beach, The Grand Marlin offers a stunning waterfront view, complemented by a menu that showcases an array of fresh seafood and prime steaks. Their oyster bar is a go-to for both locals and visitors. They’re not just capturing the essence of coastal dining; they’re setting the standard for it.

  • Location: 400 Pensacola Beach Blvd., Pensacola Beach, FL
  • Contact: 850.677.9153
  • Specialties: Fresh seafood, steaks, oyster bar


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The Reef

the reef


A local treasure, The Reef prides itself on casual, affordable dining without sacrificing quality. They offer a delightful array of burgers, wings, flatbreads, and sandwiches. Their Sunday prime rib special is a local favorite, so it’s wise to visit then and capture the true essence of Pensacola Beach’s laid-back culture.

  • Location: 63 Via De Luna Dr, Pensacola Beach, FL
  • Contact: 850.733.9311
  • Atmosphere: Laid-back, local beach hangout


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Peg Leg Pete’s

peg leg pete's
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No visit to Pensacola Beach is complete without a meal at Peg Leg Pete’s. Known for their seafood gumbo and a variety of seafood dishes, this restaurant has been a crowd-pleaser for over three decades. Their “Underwhere Bar” is a must for a casual dining experience.

  • Location: 1010 Ft Pickens Rd., Pensacola Beach, FL
  • Contact: 850.932.4139
  • Ambiance: Vibrant and friendly, with local seafood specialties

Paradise Bar & Grill

Behind the scenes at Paradise Inn, Paradise Bar & Grill is a true hidden gem on the Gulf Coast, offering live music, a waterfront view on Santa Rosa Sound, and a variety of Gulf seafood. It’s the perfect spot to soak in the salty air, enjoying the sounds and flavors of Northwest Florida.

  • Location: 21 Via De Luna Dr., Pensacola Beach, FL
  • Contact: 850.916.5087
  • Vibe: Open-air bar and grill with frequent live bands

Water Pig BBQ

water pig bbq

Celebrate the Gulf Coast with a savory twist at Water Pig BBQ. Here, passion for quality smoked meats and a waterfront setting go hand in hand. Whether it’s their tender brisket or succulent ribs, each dish is a testament to the art of barbecue.

  • Specialty: Smoked meats and Southern sides
  • Experience: Waterfront dining with an authentic BBQ flavor

Flounders Chowder House

Immersive and cozy, Flounder’s Chowder House presents a diverse menu anchored by their famous seafood chowder. Diners can expect hearty portions of fresh Gulf of Mexico delights amidst a rustic, nautical atmosphere.

  • Highlights: Seafood chowder, grouper sandwiches, waterfront dining

Frisky Dolphin Sunset Oyster Bar & Grill

frisky dolphin

The Frisky Dolphin Sunset Oyster Bar & Grill captures the essence of coastal nightlife with fresh oysters and stunning sunset views. Known for its seafood gumbo and vibrant atmosphere, this restaurant embodies the spirit of the Gulf Coast.

  • Experience: Oyster bar, sunset views, and local flavors

Crabs on the Beach

With its eye-catching name and prime beachside location, Crabs on the Beach is more than just a dining experience; it’s a celebration of coastal life. Featuring fresh crab cakes and a variety of seafood, it’s a must-visit for anyone craving the taste of the sea.

  • Known For: Crab cakes, friendly environment, Gulf of Mexico view

Native Cafe

native cafe

For those who seek a slice of local life, Native Cafe serves as the culinary heart of Pensacola Beach. Renowned for their breakfast and lunch menus, this eatery offers an array of classic dishes with a local twist.

  • In Focus: Homestyle breakfast and lunch, local ingredients

Cafe Nola

Cafe Nola is an homage to the rich flavors and soulful spirit of New Orleans, blended with the casual atmosphere of Pensacola Beach. Their dishes, inspired by the famous Gulf Coast city, offer visitors a taste of tradition and innovation.

  • Essence: New Orleans-inspired cuisine, casual beachside dining

This snapshot of Pensacola Beach’s diverse and abundant dining options confirms the community’s commitment to quality, local flavors, and memorable dining experiences set against the picturesque backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico.

Pensacola beach
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Top-Rated Restaurants with A View in Pensacola Beach?

They say the view can be as sumptuous as the meal, and Pensacola Beach confirms this adage. Diners at The Fish House enjoy not just fresh catches but also panoramic vistas of the beautiful bay. Similarly, guests at Peg Leg Pete’s often rave about the gorgeous Gulf views that accompany their meals.

Which Restaurants Offer the Best On-The-Water Dining Experience in Pensacola Beach?

The unique feeling of dining on the water can make a meal memorable. The Grand Marlin offers diners the chance to sip on fine wine while overlooking the Santa Rosa Sound. Alternatively, the experience at Red Fish Blue Fish combines casual on-the-water dining with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices.

What Are the Best Seafood Restaurants to Visit in Pensacola Beach?

Seafood connoisseurs find a haven in Pensacola Beach, with many establishments serving up the day’s freshest catches. McGuire’s Irish Pub & Brewery stands out not just for its hearty Irish fare but also its fresh, locally-sourced seafood, while Flounder’s Chowder House offers a variety of seafood in a setting filled with local charm.

Could You Recommend Popular Eateries Located on Pensacola Beach Boardwalk?

Pensacola Beach Boardwalk presents a selection of dining experiences with scenic views and vibrant atmospheres. Visitors might enjoy a meal at establishments like the lively Sidelines Sports Bar & Restaurant, well known for its bustling setting and tasty American classics.

Are There Any Notable Seafood Restaurants Near Pensacola Beach, FL?

Just a short distance from the shoreline, notable establishments like Crabs We Got ‘Em offer seafood lovers a bounty of options from crab legs to oysters, all with that unmatched Gulf Coast flavor.

What Dining Options Are Available in Pensacola Beach that Are Currently Open?

Foodies exploring Pensacola Beach will find an array of culinary options. For the most current information on openings, it is advisable to check local listings or direct websites of restaurants like Peg Leg Pete’s or The Grand Marlin for the latest hours and booking options.

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