Call of Duty Playlist Update 2024 Fixes Controversial Issue

Earlier today with an update Infinity Ward has changed the name & description of a controversial skin “Border War”.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Call of Duty: Warzone is the 2 games where players could equip “Border War” skin as popular COD operator Wayne “D-Day” Davis. See the image attached below to find controversial skin in Call of Duty video game.

Several call of duty users objected to this skin as its name and description seemed to glorify the way United States’ military is monitoring its border with Mexico.

Here’s what its description said – “Show them the errors of their ways and make them pay,”.

Even though I’m not from the US or Mexico, it looks intense to me.

Now, with this update, the developers have rectified their mistake as they’ve changed the name of controversial skin to “Home on the Range”.

And as for the description, it references antelope and deer. Now, the description seems like its giving homage to a classic western folk song with the same name and I guess that’s fine with most of the users who questioned the controversial skin.

In terms of changes that’s the 2nd change, Infinity has made in 1 month. Previously in the last month, the developers removed “OK” emote as it’s quite popular gesture among white nationalists.

Call of Duty: Warzone Aimbots Cheating

Recently multiple users have reported that cheaters found a new way to use aimbots and kill new players right at spawn time.

Looks like the recent banwave has completely failed as Warzone cheating has once again become the hot topic of Call of Duty Community.

In the previous banwave, several innocent users were banned by Infinity Ward developers. I hope this time they won’t like the previous time.

Being a gamer myself, dyeing by aimbots in the new player spawns is quite frustrating. Further, see this video that I’m attaching below –

In this video, a popular streamer TimTheTatman was killed by Warzone cheater during the live stream.

Later when TimTheTatman communicated, the cheater claimed to be cheating from the last six months.

That’s absurd, right? Let me know your thoughts on this via the comments section at the end of this post.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Wall Hacking Confirmation Tip

If you thought Aimbots cheating was too much, what about wall hacking? Well, recently, a Reddit user shared a smart way to confirm whether you’ve been killed by wall hacking or not. Here’s what the user advised –

Hide in a discreet spot of the map and wait. If the other player happens to detect you there, it can be assumed that he/she is using a wallhack program.

To know about this in detail, you can go to Reddit as the users have explained this tip via an easy to understand video.

This trick seems to work excellently in both Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone. If you’ve tried this trick then let me know what do you think of it in the comments section given at the end of this post.

Frequently Asked Questions | Call of Duty

Q – What’s the name of controversial skin that Infinity Ward recently fixed?

A – Border War

Q – What more Infinity Ward has fixed in the latest call of duty playlist update?

A – TDM & TCM Remix, Cheshire Park 24/7 and shoot house, Party Modes, Realism ground war, Plunder Trios & BR stimulus trios.

Final Words

I hope the developers at Infinity Ward will fix the aimbots cheating (Without impacting non-cheaters) issue permanently just like they did with Call of Duty controversial skin.

That’s all for now. What do you think of these recent Call of Duty issues and smart wall hacking confirmation tips?

Do let me your thoughts on this via the comments section below.

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