5 Tips to Get Wins in Call of Duty: Warzone – 2024 Guide

There’s no doubt that Call of Duty is one of the most exciting tactical shooting games of today. With its multiple series to choose from, you can surely find one that suits your interest.

Out of all the Call of Duty series out there, Warzone seems to be a fan favorite. With its superior storyline and graphics, it’s easy to see why a lot of gamers are so hooked to this game.

But admittedly, winning at Call of Duty: Warzone requires a lot of practice and patience. If you don’t have the time to explore the game and learn its ropes, then you might want to consider these 5 tips to get wins in Call of Duty: Warzone. This article contains tricks and warzone cheats to enrich your skills, so don’t think twice and start reading.

1. Improve Your Aim

Source: callofduty.com

We all know that Call of Duty is a shooter video game, and the Warzone series is no exception. With that said, the first skill that you have to improve and practice is your shooting.

As a beginner, we understand that it will take time to be fully aware of all the controls – let alone be a master at aiming and shooting. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to aim at your target to ensure a damaging shot.

By mounting your weapon to a flat and sturdy base, you get to hold your fire and aim it properly at your target. But more importantly, the supporting base will reduce recoil, and that helps you get a winning shot.

This is one of our top tips for beginners since it doesn’t require any complicated setup – any reliable surface on the battlefield would suffice.

Also, consider practicing in different environments to enhance your shooting skills and understand how terrain and visibility affect your aim. Spending time in the practice range and adjusting your game’s sensitivity settings can significantly improve accuracy. 

Additionally, frequent encounters with enemies can refine your reflexes and targeting, so be proactive in seeking out conflicts within the game. Learning the different recoil patterns of weapons is also critical because it enables you to control your shots better and land more hits on your foes.

2. Winning Strategy: Locate the Battlefield As Soon As Possible

When it comes to playing Call of Duty: Warzone, we can all agree that coming up with the right strategy can help you win or lose the game. And with that said, a winning strategy that we recommend is to locate and proceed to the battlefield as soon as possible.

The reason behind this strategy is that it allows you to pick better ammo, especially since all the others aren’t anywhere near the battlefield yet.

To make it to this location before the others, the key is to deploy the parachute first, and immediately proceed to free-fall mode. Free-fall mode allows you to reach the destination faster since parachuting takes time to reach the ground.

Early access to the battlefield is crucial, but situational awareness is equally important. Be vigilant, scout the area for enemies landing nearby, and be prepared to engage.

Familiarizing yourself with the map can give you an advantage, allowing you to locate high-loot places and strategic positions for ambushes or defense. Remember to listen to the in-game sounds carefully; the sounds of footsteps or gunfire can reveal enemy positions, giving you a tactical advantage.

3. Winning Strategy: Shoot At Enemies Immediately

Source: ultramunch.com

Another winning strategy that you might want to consider is to take down your enemies as soon as possible. We’ve come across players who would shoot at other players during the descent, and it proves to be quite effective at eliminating the enemy.

In most instances, most players are unaware of the fact that enemies can aim and shoot at them while parachuting. This makes them easy targets, and the fact that they’re parachuting makes it easier to ensure a bull’s eye.

This is an effective strategy because you will be left with fewer enemies once you reach the battlefield. And who wouldn’t want that, right?

While shooting at enemies during the descent is a great strategy, having an escape plan is essential. After shooting, immediately look for a place to loot and cover, as enemies will be alert to your position. Learning the art of quick looting is vital. You should grab only what’s necessary and move swiftly.

4. Consider Contracts

A mistake that most beginners make is to ignore contracts in Call of Duty. There’s a misconception that contracts merely waste your time and barely bring you any benefit except for money. Also, beginners are hesitant to take on contracts out of fear that they won’t be able to fulfill them.

But, did you know that you can benefit from contracts even if you fail to meet the conditions? By considering a contract, you get to improve your navigation and other skills. And that’s quite useful in-game.

And if you ever complete the tasks in the contract, you’re either awarded with money or a special ability. You can use these to improve your ammo or damaging capacity, and that will surely help you win in Call of Duty: Warzone.

5. Use Cheats

And finally, you can also consider Call of Duty cheats and hacks. If you’re a beginner, you might want to try using warzone cheats from battlelog.co to enrich your skills.

Useful cheats that you can take advantage of include Call of Duty ESP, Aimbot, and Wall Hack. These will help you gain better control of your character, improve your shooting, and spot enemies even when they’re sneakily hiding behind walls.

Additionally, if you want to level up your game quickly and experience advanced gameplay, consider seeking professional help from KBoosting or a similar platform. They offer various services to help improve your game, allowing you to enjoy a superior gaming experience in Call of Duty:Warzone.
With enough practice, you’ll start getting the hang of the game. And before you know it, you won’t even need hacks anymore.

Call of Duty Warzone Accessories to Improve Your Gameplay

While practising the above tips will make you a better player, having some accessories for your call of duty Warzone game can dramatically improve your chances of winning and enjoying the game.

Here are some accessories you should consider whether you’re playing on PS4 or 5, Xbox, or PC:

  • Wireless Headset With Haptic Technology

Source: heavy.com

A wireless headset with haptic technology increases your immersion in the game by giving you quality gaming sounds and rumbles just like in the controller.

The wireless also allows for comfort as you don’t have to be struggling with the wires when playing the game.

  • Quality Wireless Controller

Getting a powerful wireless controller to play your call of duty warzone will improve your gaming experience.

The wireless controller lets you enjoy seamless gaming without being restricted by the wires; you can sit as far back and position whichever way is comfortable for you.

A quality controller would also mean a better grip usually with rubber grips to give you a better handle.

  • Gaming Chair

Source: wearesocial.com

Now, this may be a slightly more expensive option but if you’re looking to become a professional gamer or you can afford to get a gaming chair as a non-professional gamer, your gaming experience would be greatly improved.

A gaming chair is an all-round cockpit with comfortable seating, an arm for your monitor and other fascinating features.


Practising these tips and getting the right accessories will improve your gaming experience tremendously and make you a better call of duty warzone player.

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