Call of Duty Mobile Latest Updates [May 2024]

It’s been more than 6 months to the official release of Call of Duty for mobile. Where it is today? Is it able to beat their rival Battle Royale games PUBG and Fortnite?

Furthermore, what new Call of Duty released in their recent update? What the future holds for the mobile version of Call of Duty. Well, with several other questions let’s dive straight to the post and find all the answers –

Call of Duty Mobile Latest Update

Along with the latest Call of Duty Mobile update, Activision introduced a new season 3. What do you get in it? Well, let’s find out about it –

Ranked Improvements

  1. User interface updated
  2. Balance in matchmaking.
  3. Imposing a penalty on frequent quits.
  4. A loss at below master level will result in a reduced point deduction.
  5. Ranked MP will not have the Hijacked map.
  6. Single round score adjusted to 75 for Domination mode in ranked matches.
  7. TDM score for ranked matches adjusted to 50.

Battle Pass

  1. New rewards for Free and Premium Battle pass. Complete missions and unlock new rewards.
  2. Reduced Premium Battle Pass pricing.
  3. High-value content available but battle pass tiers reduced to 50.


Multiplayer mode has made several additions –

New Limited Time Mode

  1. Rapid Fire
    1. Unlimited ammo
    2. Faster Score Streaks
    3. Shorter Operator Skill cooldowns

New Maps:

  1. Scrapyard
    1. TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy, Frontline, Hardpoint
  2. Cage
    1. TDM, Sniper Only

New Operator Skill

  1. New operator skill H.I.V.E kills enemies with the use of traps

New Scorestreak

  1. Unlock this devastating XS1 Goliath Scorestreak at 900 points

Battle Royale

  1. 20 vs 20 Mode – Objective-based mode that brings multiplayer mechanics with Battle Royale.
  2. New vehicle – Perform high-speed assaults and escape on a newly introduced Two-person motorcycle.

General Updates

  1. Save your data by creating a call of duty or binding an existing account.
  2. After linking the Call of Duty account with your existing account, you’ll get Arctic skin.
  3. In the control settings, you’ll see 3 new sensitivity modes and shotgun firing.

Improvements and Optimizations


  1. Unlock TDM at Level 3.
  2. Raid and Takeoff multiplayer maps returned in the latest update.
  3. Wall geometry bug fixed for some maps
  4. Warning and death added for leaving the active battle zone.
  5. Damage is taken from falling increased.
  6. Now, your player would be able to climb down ladders
  7. Movement speed reduced.
  8. Reduced long-distance performance of S36 and made some adjustments in shooting stability.
  9. Reduced recoil stability of Type 25 foregrip attachment and AK117 foregrip attachment
  10. Magazine capacity of MSMC reduced to 25 in the latest update.
  11. Increased recoil stability of ICR foregrip attachment and AK-47.
  12. Changes in the animation of HG40, ASM10, and LK24.
  13. Increase armor effect with a temporary Gravity Spike.
  14. Gravity Spikes charging time reduced.
  15. Made several improvements in throwables.

Battle Royale

  • Sound effects improved in cold areas.
  • Strategic ziplines added.
  • Reduced movement speed.
  • Helicopter collision mechanics improved.
  • Compulsory Level 3 body armor in the airdrops.

How to Download the latest Call of Duty Mobile Update

Call of Duty for Android

Downloading Call of duty in your Android Smartphone is quite easy. All you’ve to do is click on this download link.

Now, you’ll be redirected to the Google Play Store. Click on install to start downloading Call of Duty game in your Android smartphone.

Call of Duty for iOS

The procedure for downloading Call of Duty on your iPhone/iPad is similar to Android. Click on this download button and you’ll be redirected straight to the Apple store.

Click on install to start downloading the video game in your smartphone with iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions | Call of Duty Mobile

Q – What’s the pricing of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Pass?

A – Although the basic battle pass is free, the premium pass is available at 520 CP (COD Points). For this, you can either purchase 400CP at INR 399 or 800CP at INR 799.

Q – What is the most playing time of cod Mobile in India?

A – Since its release in October last year, Call of Duty is giving tough competition to its competitors. Now, coming to the most playing time of COD Mobile, you can play this game at midnight.

Q – How much is 1000cp worth in cod mobile in rupees?

A – 1000CP will cost you around INR 999.

Final Words

At present, the 4th season of Call of duty mobile is live. Similar to the previous seasons, it has a lot of unlockable items.

So, if you’re bored of playing PUBG or Fortnite on your mobile phone, it’s for you to make a switch to Call of Duty Mobile. With some of the most iconic multiplayer modes and maps, enjoy 100 player battle Royale or a fast-paced 5v5 deathmatch. Zombie mode or Sniper vs. sniper battle, the choice is yours to make. Everything is available for you to play for free.

So, do you’ve what it takes to compete with the best of the best? Well, then what’re you waiting for? Download CALL OF DUTY MOBILE and start playing it now.

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