Xumo App: Everything You Need to Know About This Popular Service

Streaming is the latest way to enjoy entertainment. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, or your good old friend TV. You can access the most excellent entertainment with a few fingertips. You don’t have to rely on cable connection if you use the Xumo app.

With the rise of smartphones and a fast internet connection, streaming is becoming famous as a medium to watch any movie or TV show. However, the market is crowded with new competitors coming up. In this article, we are discussing the Xumo app and everything you need to know about it is.

The field of streaming platforms is dominated by major players like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Still, they don’t offer free service, though. The Xumo app and other ‘legal’ streaming services come with a bunch of pros and cons, but it’s up to you to decide.

Let’s dive into this article to find out about the Xumo app.

Xumo app can be an excellent option for entertainment if you can’t spend money on the premium membership of platforms that we have mentioned before. Some trade-offs come with ‘free’ websites, apps, and services that can be a deal-breaker for many.

Still, if you can compromise a bit, this platform is a great entertainment medium.

Xumo App: What is it anyway?

The streaming devices and services can be confusing if you are reading about them for the first time. Xumo app offers a platform for viewers to view videos from a range of genres. You can watch anything, from comedy shows to music videos and the latest news on it.

Xumo app gathers its content through various providers like the Wall Street Journal, The Onion, Cracked, and Sports Illustrated. The videos that you get on the Xumo app are turned into a continuously running channel.

You get a specific channel that’s dedicated to content related to that respective niche or brand. For instance, there are leading content providers like BuzzFeed, GQ, The Young Turks, VICE Media, Vox, and NowThis that you can watch on it.

It prepares a program guide for the user, and you can pick the channel that you want to watch.

The significant difference between other streaming mediums and Xumo app is the content. You get TV shows and movies on almost all of them, but they don’t string the internet videos for you, you don’t get to see ‘live channels’ on most.

Although it’s a unique idea of producing live channels, Xumo app is not the only one to do it. Pluto.tv is another app that does the same. Pluto similarly provides the content to various devices like Apple TV, Roku Sticks/Box, Amazon Fire TV, Android, and Apple smartphones.

We can say that both Pluto and Xumo app, both are quite underrated.

Xumo app appears to be similar to Pluto. Still, it has one unique advantage compared to Pluto – Its content is focused on branded content providers. The channels on Pluto, however, are not as branded, rather generic, to be frank.

You can expect content from major media corporations like Condé Nast on the Xumo app. It means accessing publishers like Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, GQ, Wired, and AD(Architectural Digest), which are top-notch.

Pluto is also deciding to board the branded channels ship recently, so it would be interesting to see the game.

Where You Can Get Get Xumo App?

Okay, if you own a smart TV, you are up for a treat. Search for the Xumo app in the app store that’s provided for TV. It is also easy to download the official Xumo app on the Google Play Store and App Store of the iPhone.

However, the folks with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast have to wait for Xumo to arrive for their devices. Currently, the company is planning to introduce the service for the rest of the tools. Still, no official announcements have been made by them.

Xumo App: Making the Playlists

Since Xumo streams videos, you get a feature that allows you to make a playlist to add videos to it. You can either share videos to social media accounts or add them to a playlist called – ‘Videos I Like.’

You can also remove the videos from the playlist or watch whenever you want to by accessing the playlist. It is a useful feature for viewers.

Final Verdict

Xumo app isn’t an original content maker, so you are most likely not seeing something that’s not already out there on the internet. If you are actively following your favorite news channels, content producers on the internet, you may not like the Xumo app.

However, it acts like a funnel that curates and bundles all the content in one single app. You don’t have to keep track of everything separately. Now, if you are looking for long-form content like drama shows or movies, you are in for a pure disappointment.

There can be an expansion in long-form categories in the future, but for now, it’s a niche channel. Xumo can give you excellent short videos. It’s worth it since they are not charging you any money for it, except annoying you with ads, of course.

Xumo app can be given a try if you are tired of binge-watching movies and shows.

If you like this article, share it with your friends and inform them about the Xumo app. Let us know how your experience was by dropping comments.

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