Cheap VPS Service Guide, Everything You Need To Know in 2024

You probably ended up in here after you get offered between managed or unmanaged VPS hosting plans by a particular hosting provider. Do not get confused about these two terms because you are in the right place. Managed or unmanaged will always be thrown at you, especially when you decide to choose hosting plan. The good news is we got you covered, especially after you decide to choose the cheap one between managed or unmanaged VPS plan, then your option for cheap VPS is unmanaged.

An unmanaged virtual private server is considerably affordable if you are intending to use a low price VPS option for you. Before we got into the explanation of unmanaged VPS hosting, especially for newbie server users, you probably think that the cheapest hosting plan should have been shared hosting; it is not entirely wrong. However, due to many restrictions when using shared hosting, then the most affordable VPS hosting plan should be referred to unmanaged VPS hosting. With the amount of resources that almost similar to a dedicated hosting, it is safe to say that unmanaged vpsserver is the affordable one.

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Now, let’s take a look at what can a low-cost VPS hosting plan as unmanaged VPS can provide to you. Check here to visit AccuWeb Hosting. It provides the best VPS hosting with multiple additional features.

Cheap Unmanaged VPS Offer Complete Hosting Control


Assuming that you are an IT expert of a particular company who prefers to monitor and have full control of the server, unmanaged VPS is your solution. Low-cost VPS like the unmanaged hosting plan is compatible with you because you already have the knowledge required to handle the server management, especially the technical aspects of a server. In fact, signing up for an unmanaged VPS hosting plan will give lots of perks compared to managed VPS plan. Especially if you get what it takes to do server management tasks, you should apply for this hosting plan. Below are some of the perks that you can have when using unmanaged VPS hosting:

  • Direct Management

Using an unmanaged virtual private server enables you to freely configure the server from the initial setup to gradual maintenance. You can manage the server based on your business or professional priorities. In comparison to managed VPS plan, you will not have the freedom to configure the server based on your interests. Even more, you do not have to wait anymore for customer support when it comes to managing the server.

  • Excellent Uptime

One of the most favored advantages of using unmanaged VPS hosting is the uptime. It makes this hosting plan popular too among experts. For professionals, especially business owners, the uptime of the VPS server is precisely what you need to sustain the online presence of your website.

  • Reliability

Although it refers to a cheap VPS hosting plan, unmanaged VPS has the same reliability level as managed VPS hosting plan. You do not have to be concerned since unmanaged VPS has the same high-end firewall and antivirus to secure its reliability.

  • Easy Maintenance


In using VPS hosting, you have to be prepared when some unexpected issues happen to the server. Utilizing unmanaged VPS hosting, you can immediately handle the problem by yourself without having to wait or rely on someone else. Although you may still need the hosting provider’s support, it can be your last option after you try to overcome the technical problem by yourself. Hence, since you can directly manage the server, the maintenance process can be faster instead of waiting for the assistance of the hosting provider.

  • Cheap Hosting Plan

Once again, the moniker of cheap VPS is always related to unmanaged VPS hosting. Some people may see it to be redundant when you have to handle the server management by yourself. Whereas, if you have the knowledge and skill needed for server management tasks, why you have to bother yourself to choose the managed VPS hosting plan or hiring someone to deal with it.

Is It Good To Go With Cheap Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Based on the list of perks in using the unmanaged VPS hosting above. It is wonderful if you decide to sign up for an unmanaged VPS hosting plan. Considering that you have what it takes to deal with the server management aspects, you can go for the unmanaged hosting plan.

How To Choose A Cheap Unmanaged VPS Hosting Company?


After you have decided to utilize an unmanaged VPS hosting plan, now it is time to pick the correct VPS hosting provider. When it comes to choosing the correct hosting provider, there are some aspects that you should consider to avoid buying from someone that is unreliable for you and your company.

The first aspect that you should have know is the hosting VPS bundles. Since you can easily find lots of web hosting service providers out there, you can filter them by focusing on the VPS hosting bundles they offered. You get to find the one that suits you the most in terms of resources, features, and matches your budget. In doing so, from 10 to 16 hosting providers that you find on Google, you can narrow down your list into three to five hosting providers.

Next is the review of the hosting provider, you have to know about how the hosting providers deals with their previous customers. If you find a particluar hosting provider stacks lots of good reviews from their customers, then you have to stick with this one because they know how to appropriately deal with the customers and proven that their VPS hosting service plan is the best in the market.

Last thing is assurance, still related with the previous aspect. Picking the right hosting provider is based on the server assurance, especially when it comes to the uptime. Because it is very crucial, you have to choose the hosting provider that can provide you with 99% of uptime assurance.

These are some brief information that you should have known regarding the cheap VPS hosting plan, which is unmanaged VPS. From its advantage to choosing the best hosting provider for you. We assume that you do not get confused anymore after this.

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