Code Geass Season 3: 2024 Latest Updates


Code Geass Season 3 is another most anticipated installment of the popular anime series Code Geiss. If you ask us about an anime that’s different from the cliche Mecha animes you encounter, we suggest you Code Geass.

Code Geass is an anime that’s a sweet combination of three genres: military, alternate history, and mecha. If you are looking for a TV show that captures alternate historical timeline and military conflicts in a captivating manner – go for Code Geass.

Code Geass is a Japanese anime show that’s developed and released by Sunrise studio. Gorō Taniguchi has directed the two seasons of this show. Ichirō Ōkouchi authors the original story.

The first season of the show went on-air in 2006. In 2008, the studio released the second season of the show. Both seasons had 25 episodes each. The show garnered attention from millions of fans across the globe. The artwork, character design, and plotline were the epitome of excellence.

It received a positive response from critics and admiration from the fans. Both seasons were a great success for makers. The makers received the report card of their work, and now everyone is wondering if they will ever get to see the Code Geass Season 3.

If you are here for that, we know how desperately you are waiting for news regarding season three.

What’s Code Geass Anime About?

If you are military or mecha buff, you are going to love watching Code Geass. This show’s story is set in an alternate historical timeline where we see a prince living in exile. The world is divided into three political kingdoms.

The Holy Empire of Britannia is the power hub of the world military. The Britannian Empire(America) is rising and dominating world politics. The second kingdom is the Chinese Federation(Asia), and the third kingdom is the European Union(Europe and Africa combined).

Britannia uses their new deadly weapon ‘Autonomous Armored Knight’ in their war against Japan. Japan loses the battle after a long fight against the Holy Empire. After the conquest of Japan, the citizens of the country are reduced to slaves.

They lose their rights, freedom, and dignity. The state of Japan is renamed to Area 11 by the Britannian Empire, and citizens are called Elevens.

The core focus of the story is on the protagonist – Lelouch Lamperouge, an exiled prince living secretly in Japan. The entire story revolves around how this exiled prince avenges his oppressors and helps the citizens in the fight against tyrants of Britannia.

Will We Ever See the Third Season of Code Geass?

Poster of Code Geass

Time goes on quickly. It’s been over a decade since the first two seasons of Code Geass were released. If we take the show’s popularity and the response, it’s not surprising that the fans still cherish the series.

There is an ongoing demand by the audience for a new season three. The fundamental reason behind no third season in the development is that the show has been dormant for 14 years. The makers haven’t said anything about their plans to bring back the original story.

The whole hype for the show’s next season is due to an anime movie that was released in 2019. Since we can’t spill the fun for you, let us be very clear: there’s a scope for Code Geass third season.

However, it’s not possible without producers taking severe steps. As of now, no official news for season three by makers, but we expect that sometime in the future, we will see a new season for the show.


We know how bad it feels when the studio refuses to make a move on your favorite anime show’s next installment. However, we can spend time watching other anime shows that are similar in quality.

If you know such underrated anime shows, drop the names in the comments below. Please, share this article with fellow Code Geass fans. Stay tuned for knowing the latest updates on it.

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