Love Death and Robots Season 2: Latest Updates

Are you waiting for Love Death and Robots Season 2? Well, you are in the right place. Netflix streaming has become one of the latest mediums of consuming entertainment.

The recent outbreak of COVID – 19 and the worldwide lockdown that was announced has pushed more people to go digital to watch movies, music, and TV shows. 

The significant advantage of Netflix is that the show’s like Love, Death and Robots. The streaming platform, like Netflix, is an excellent place for quality content. If you are looking for something unique, Love, Death, and Robots will satisfy your curiosity. 

We have heard our American readers complaining that Netflix isn’t bringing anything based on adult animation. If you are one of them, Netflix answered your prayers by publishing Love, Death and Robots.

It’s an anthology of short stories based on science fiction themes. The majority of the episodes, except a few, are animated. 

LDR: What’s it? 

A scene from Love, Death & Robots

If you ask us to tell you about this web-series, it’s a brilliant anthology of adult animation. Love, Death & Robots is available for streaming on Netflix. This American series is a brainchild of Tim Miller and David Fincher. They were planning on making a remake of the famous Canadian adult animated anthology movie, Heavy Metal(1981).  

However, after a long wait, they decided to produce the movie in the form of web series and release it on Netflix.

They have cast members like Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Parnell, Gary Cole, and John DiMaggio. Grace and Winstead have appeared in the live-action episode instead of an animated one. 

If you haven’t watched Heavy Metal from 1981, it’s an adult animation anthology. The duo, Fincher, and Miller were planning the reboot from the early-2000s.

However, due to various reasons like lack of funds, and liberty over the production of the movie had stalled the project. 

After the release of Deadpool in 2016, they both decided to drop the idea of pursuing any movie studio and production house to support their project. 

They decided to approach Netflix for both production and distribution of the project. Instead of a movie, they chose the web series format. 

Last year, on March 15, Netflix released the first season of Love, Death and Robots. The first season received a good response from the viewers. The anthology has a futuristic, dystopian, and various other sorts of themes that is enough to cater to the tastes of everyone. 

Love, Death & Robots: Release Date Updates

L, D & R

The viewers’ response to the first season was excellent for the producers to go ahead with the second season. The best thing apart from stories is the vivid animation styles used in this anthology.

Some people would find animation to be better than the story. At the same time, some would love the non-connected nature of stories in the series. 

Unlike Heavy Metal 1981 movie, this series does not have a common link between various short stories. That makes it unique. Some people may like, some may not. 

Coming back to Season 2, yes, there’s going to be a second season indeed. We have been informed that Jennifer Yuh Nelson has taken over the project as executive director.

She’ll be overseeing the development of all the episodes from this season, which is good news, given that she’s directed animated movie – Kung Fu Panda 2. 

Okay, we know that you have been waiting for the release date. Well, there’s no official release date announced by the cast members or Netflix.

The fact that Jennifer Yuh Nelson is directing the episodes of the second season is a sign that the second season is in the making. However, the current lockdown and pandemic is not going anywhere, which halts the production.  Even after considering everything, we won’t see actual episodes or trailers until 2024.  


The release of Love Death and Robots Season 2 on Netflix is suitable for those who were not satisfied with season one, which has 18 episodes of max 20 minutes each. But all good things require patience.

We expect the writers to get us new enthralling stories, just like the previous season.

The audience must wait for an official announcement from the makers. As far as the trailer is concerned, there’s not any. If we get any information, we inform you immediately. For the latest updates, keep in touch. 

Please, take care of yourself and your family. Use sanitizers, masks, and other protective gear in public. Share this article if you enjoyed it. If you have any questions or opinions, why not share them in the comments below? 

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