Made in Abyss Season 2: When is it Releasing?

Not all anime shows have to “look” scary to depict the dark elements in the story. Several anime shows look friendly but have dark parts. If you are looking for any anime show with Studio Ghibli-style animation, Made in Abyss will be a good option. While fans are already waiting for Made in Abyss Season 2

Some things are better left to be depicted in the animation style rather than live-action. The fantasy genre is best when it is produced in animation. We aren’t comparing both, but we must agree that anime has opened up a plethora of content of various genres, themes, and stories. 

The reaction from the audience for the first season of Made in Abyss was quite excellent. That was enough of a hint from the fans to the producers to release a second season. If you are waiting for Made in Abyss Season 2 release date, you are at the right place.

We tell you all the latest news about the show in this article. Are you ready to jump deep into the abyss? So buckle up for the adventure! 

Made in Abyss: Tell Us About the Plot

Possible Poster of Made in Abyss Season 2

The story of Made in Abyss is set in a fictional universe, where a town named Orth is situated around a giant, deep hole that goes straight deep into the Earth. In Orth, lives an orphaned girl named Riko. She lives in an orphanage called Belchero. 

The deep hole is called Abyss by everyone. However, there’s a strange thing about that Abyss attracts people, remnants, and artefacts of an ancient civilization. 

The never-ending findings of artefacts is the reason the Abyss is a favourite spot for the hunters looking for them, and these hunters are called Cave Raiders. There’s a catch, though, finding the artefacts and returning is extremely hard and dangerous. 

The Cave Raiders have to descend into the hole to find out and uncover whatever they can and return atop the hole with it. That’s a hazardous task to perform. When the Raiders try to return from the Abyss, they fall victim to what is known as “The Curse of the Abyss.” 

The said curse is a mysterious fatality that affects the divers when they try to return from it. If one goes deeper into the hole, the fatal effects of the curse will be upon them.  There are a few Cave Raiders who have returned from the Abyss to tell their stories. 

There’s a title that’s given to brave Cave Raiders called White Whistle. Lyza, who happens to be Riko’s mother, has earned the title of White Whistle. Riko dreams of being a White Whistle in her, just like her mother was, a legendary Cave Raider.

Once Riko descends into the Abyss to find the relics and encounters a robot who appears like a human boy. She names him Reg and returns to her town with him. 

Somehow Riko and her friends manage to sneak him into her orphanage. Not long after that, Reg becomes one of the members of their tight-knit group of friends. 

One day, they find a balloon coming up from the Abyss’ bottom. The balloon comes up with a set of notes containing information about discoveries her mother, Lyza, made during her descent into the Abyss. 

She also writes a message to her, informing that she is alive inside the Abyss, and waiting for her. 

After reading the message, Riko takes Reg with her to go inside the Abyss to rescue her mother. Now, whether Riko succeeds in her mission or not, what adventures do we get to see is the story of Made in Abyss. 

Made in Abyss Season 2: Release Date and Plot

The season one of the show was declared in 2016, and it was launched on July 7, 2017. It ran from July to September. That year it won Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year Awards. 

Considering the craze for the show, the makers decided to make two movies on the show. 

Both of which were released in January 2019. The makers showed signs that they might produce a sequel, but it is still not clear that they are making a sequel of precisely what? Movies or Series? 

Not only that, but there’s also uncertainty around the official release date of season 2. Considering the current COVID – 19 situation, we are not sure when we will be getting the new season or movie. If anything, it’s not going to be released this year. 

And as far as the possible plot for season two is concerned, we hope that Riko will find and meet her mother Lyza in it. The cast for season two is also expected to remain the same. 


We know you were waiting to hear the announcement regarding Made in Abyss Season 2. But sadly, there’s none made by the makers. If we get any details regarding the statement, we will update it here. Stay tuned with us for that. Meanwhile, you can watch other shows

Please, share this article with your friends who haven’t watched Made in Abyss. Please drop your comments below to let us know what’s your opinion on the piece. Stay home, stay safe. 

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