Top 6 Action Mangas You Need to Read This Month

Reading manga can be a perfect way to spend time. If you are an avid reader, and hate Netflix and chill, but want something other than books to entertain yourself what can be better than reading some action manga?

If you have watched anime on television or computer, you would easily get hooked on reading manga on which most animes are based. However, it’s okay if you are unknown to the world of anime and manga. We help you to get started on the journey to the manga world.

Manga is a Japanese graphic novel or a comic—the manga spans over all the genres that exist. If you are an action movie fan, the chances are that you will love One Punch Man manga, which a popular action manga and anime has already produced on it.

Now, there are countless anime and mangas out there varying from genre to genre, but today we will see what action mangas are worthy of paying attention. We have prepared a list of top 6 action mangas similar to One Punch Man manga. If you are interested in discovering the timeless manga series, we will show you what and where to read.

The List of Top 6 Action Manga to Read

One Punch Man

Action Mangas
Action Mangas

One-Punch Man is the best manga to read if you are unfamiliar with the manga universe, although it’s a manga with an action theme, we promise you that it would never disappoint you even if the action genre isn’t your thing.

The story is based on a superhero Saitama, who has a superpower that allows him to beat any villain with a single punch. Guess what, that’s how he got this name – One Punch Man.

With this incredible superpower of punching, he quickly gets bored fighting mediocre villains and waits for a worthy opponent. If you want to know whether he meets an equally powerful opponent or not, you have to read the manga.

Initially, the manga was launched as a webcomic in 2009, but it quickly reached the heights of popularity, and now you have manga and anime both still in the production. If you want a superhero action manga, One Punch Man is the manga for you.

Mob Psycho 100

Action Mangas
Action Mangas

When it comes to an excellent combination of action, comedy and superhero genre, no one can beat the writing of ONE (Manga Artist). ONE is the genius behind the webcomics like One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100.

These mangas are now one of the best action anime shows.

Mob Psycho 100 is a story of a high schooler named Mob, who appears to be just like any other teenager. However, beneath that mask is a kid with immense psychic powers. He has to play innocent not to reveal the secret.

Mob wishes to live a healthy, normal life like kids around him but fails to do because of consequences. A hilarious manga if you want teenage content, but with action.

The manga was published in 2018 and finished its first volume in 2019. The very fact that the same author has written One Punch Man is enough to know how good both anime and manga are.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Action Mangas
Action Mangas

If you want to read something related to occult fiction, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a classic manga to read. It’s been in the publication since 1987 to now.

This manga is based on a generational adventure story of the Joestar family. The story follows the lives of other members who coincidentally have the initials, JoJo, in their names.

If you are interested in manga, there’s good news for you. In essence, there are several arcs, volumes, spin-offs and anime available of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Attack on Titan

Action Mangas
Action Mangas

If you want some real action, how about battle with giant humanoids in the fantasy universe? Well, our fourth choice for this list is Attack on Titan, which was published in 2009 and is still in the publication.

So far, they have published 31 volumes of this manga, and an anime of the same name is also there, it will be getting its fourth season soon.

The story is set in the fantasy universe where humans live in cities that are guarded by gigantic walls that are constructed to protect them from the humanoid giants, referred to as Titans.

The anime and manga both have attained immense popularity, and there are rumours making rounds that the manga will be finished soon. If that’s true, you better hurry up and start reading the manga to catch up with your anime fan buddies.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Action Mangas
Action Mangas

If you are into some occult action, we have Fullmetal Alchemist manga as a suggestion for you. The manga was initially run from 2003 to 2010. It has amassed great fame amongst the audience.

The story is set in the fictional world where occult and alchemy are considered to be scientific, and rules of both govern the world. It depicts the action journey of two alchemist brothers.

If you are not into manga, maybe try watching the anime, you may find it enthralling.

Death Note

Action Mangas
Action Mangas

If you are tired of cliche mystery graphic novels, you need to read Death Note if you haven’t already. This manga is the most brilliant mixture of mystery, psychological thriller and of course, action.

The manga was initially run from 2003 to 2006, and it also had an anime adaptation. It was the anime that made it world-famous. The story is a rivalry between two men: Light Yagami and L. The antagonist of the manga is Light.

Light secretly finds a book that has the magical power to kill anyone whose name has been written on it. With the self-righteous intention to eliminate evil from the world, Light begins a massacre of people.

It’s the job of L, a brilliant detective, to find out who’s read manga and watch animebehind the killings. Rest is the breathtaking story of plot twists and action.

Without further ado, we recommend you to .

Manga: Where to Read?

Action Mangas
Action Mangas

We know it can be tiring to hunt for a proper website that won’t disturb mindless pop-ups and ads if you don’t know which site to read, here’s the best place to read almost any manga. However, to stay on the safe side, we suggest you install ad and pop-up blocker.

Final Words

We know that staying at home is a tough job now, but to remain safe from COVID – 19, we need to follow the guidelines established by the authorities. Reading manga or watching an anime can help you to spend time.

Read the suggestion we have given you for manga reading, and share the article with your friends and family to let them know how to spend time at home without getting bored.

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