Golem for PlayStation VR Releases Next Month? Find Out Now

Most awaited game for Playstation VR is about to release. Getting curious to find out- which one?

Well, it’s Golem.

Previously, Sony released several other games such as Blood & Truth, Snipe Elite VR for Playstation VR. Well, Sony is trying their best by releasing several Playstation VR games regularly.

When it comes to the development, Highware games is developing this game for both the Playstation 4 gaming console & Playstation VR.

Now, when it comes down to this post, here I will provide all the update regarding the upcoming VR game Golem.

When Golem Video Will Release?

Way back in December 2015, the makers of Golem announced the video game for both the PlayStation 4. At that time, Sony didn’t even launch PlayStation VR.

Now, it’s been around 4 years & we didn’t had much news about the release date of the game. But recently, Android Central reported that the game will release this fall.

So, if you have been waiting for this game to release then you might be over sooner than later in the next month.

The Backstory of Golem Video Game

I know most of you might be curious about the game as not much information about the storyline of Golem is available on the Internet. Curious to know about the game? Well then continue reading the post.

Once the game releases officially, you can play it as a young hero whose name is Twine. The main character has suffered a painful injury & because of this, most of the time, he has to stay in the bed.

However, because of the accident, he has got some special powers. Want to know about them?

Well, the main character has developed some ability to reach other people’s mind & control the powerful beings of  Golems. After playing the game for the first time, you’ll feel like going into a new world of adventure & taking part in One-on-One combat.

Golem Video Game for PlayStation VR Announcement

Here is the short announcement video released by Sony Playstation:

At the time of the announcement, creative director at Highwire, Jaime Griesemer, said that ” It’s so gratifying to see our original vision for Golem come together into a full experience.

We’ve really had to push ourselves and the technology, but I think the game is beautiful and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to play it. And we’re pretty old school, so it won’t feel ‘finished’ for us until we see it on store shelves


To sum up I would say that by next month, we might be able to play another game on the PlayStation VR. I’m very much excited to test the game when it launches officially. Golem Video game is published by Perp games only for the Physical media.

Soon, I will update you with pricing information & exact release date of the upcoming video for the Playstation VR. So, stay tuned with the blog for further updates.

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