Yellowstone Volcano Eruption…..Find Your Answers Now

It’s been back to back days & Southern California are in constant alert for high magnitude earthquakes. On 5th & 6th of July, 2019, an earthquake on the scale of 6.4 & 7.1 magnitudes increased the tensions of citizens.

However, some people are trying to take advantage of the situation by spreading fake news regarding the eruption of Yellowstone volcano. All these fake news has resulted to fear among citizens. So, if you have read the same news & getting panicked because of it. Then this post is for you to clear all your doubts regarding the Volcano Eruption.

What is the Yellowstone supervolcano?

Yellowstone volcano is a reservoir of lava Skulking beneath five miles deep of Yellowstone National Park. It is an enormous trail of melted rock that is visible even from the more than a hundred miles below. It is one of the main reasons behind the famous geysers & hot springs of the National Park. Moreover, in any case, if the lava in the volcano rises up then the temperature of above ground rises up subsequently.

Well, if you talk about history, the Yellowstone volcano has erupted once before. However, all those eruptions in the past were smaller lava eruptions. As far as the location where lava erupted, well it was 70,000 years before at Pitchstone Plateau.

Could another Earthquake in California Trigger Yellowstone Volcano Eruption?

Well, as per the US geological survey(USGS), Eruption at Yellowstone volcano is possible in future. However, right now, the probability of volcano eruption is very low. An eruption requires at least 50% gel in the gooey molten state. Besides, the magma in Yellowstone’s shallow reserve is presently in between 15 % molten.

Some Interesting facts about Yellowstone Volcano

It’s Actually a Supervolcano

Many scientists from all over the world consider this volcano as “Supervolcano”. It means that the volcano is capable of erupting lava more than 240 cubic miles & in the past 2 million years, three major eruptions have happened at the Yellowstone. Moreover, an eruption of Yellowstone volcano 6,40,000 years ago resulted in the creation of Yellowstone Caldera. If an eruption of this scale happens today than it can have catastrophic effects. However, not every eruption can be this massive.

NOTE- The most recent lava flow was about 70,000 years ago.

Yellowstone Wouldn’t Exist Without It

If you’ve visited Yellowstone National Park before then you might be already familiar with all the famous things of it. These famous features include Old Faithful geyser, sleeping steam vents, bubbling hot springs & bubbling mud pots.

Scientists Are Closely Observing the Eruption

Well, in the future, volcano eruption is possible in some way as it is in an active state. However, for a possible volcano eruption, you have to wait for the next few years. It is not possible for an earthquake at 7.1 Magnitude to pose a threat of Volcano eruption. But, still, the scientists of Yellowstone volcano are consistent in following any signs of a possible eruption. So, with the help of advanced monitoring systems, it is possible to detect any possible volcano eruption months & years earlier.


To sum up I would say that If you think that the recent earthquake can cause supervolcano to erupt then you’re wrong as it is not possible in the upcoming years. So, don’t panic & ignore all those spreading fake news. That’s for now, do let us know if you found our post helpful in the comments section given below.

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