Fortnite Fortbyte #83: Collect the Fortbyte & Reach 100 Tier

As the season 9 of Fortnite is inching closer to an end, every fortnite fan including me is waiting for the season 10. However, still, there are some missions that are hidden & Fortnite Fortbyte #83 is one of them. In addition to this, fortnite players who have not reached 100 Tier, they can complete this hidden mission to earn battle stars.

Now, you might be saying, “why bother completing all these missions”. Well, let me remind you, after reaching the 100 Tier of the battle pass, you will get a reward. But which one…..Uthopia skin. Besides, epic games recently launched “14 days of summer event’ in the ninth week of season 9.

What is Fortnite Fortbyte?

Small electronics that you collect throughout your journey of Season 9 are called Fortbytes in the fortnite video game. Moreover, these Fortbyte have replaced the previous system of hidden banners in the game. So, instead of using banners to unlock the challenges, you have to unlock all the hidden locations. Now, replace all the collected banners to get new challenges for the game. Later use them to unlock the mystery skin of the current season.

One thing you must keep in mind that one new challenge will be unlocked daily. Complete each & every challenge to obtain in-game rewards. Well, if you talk about Fortbytes, these challenges can be anything. You can unlock these challenges at any point of time in the match, while taking the fight with enemies, getting more XP or levelling up the battle pass of fortnite season 9.

Where is the Fortnite Fortbyte #83?

“Cut the crap….tell me the location of Fortnite Fortbyte #83”, Isn’t it what you were about to feel. Well, then let’s get started with it.

You can find the latest Fortbyte within a rock garden that that is close to the coast. Still didn’t understand? Well, go near the Rock Giant Family & there you will find a small cultivated plot. Moreover, if you’re confused regarding the location of the rock garden then let me tell you that you will find it near the coast that is to the north of Lonely Lodge & east of Pressure Plant.

Moreover, the location of Fortnite Fortbyte #83 is somewhat closer to Fortbyte #11— close to the circling parrot. If you still have not found the 11th Fortbyte than can always follow our previous post of where to find it.

What I will Unlock with Fortnite Fortbyte #83?

While playing fortnite season 9, you will not need any special access to special skin, spray or emote. Besides, all you have to do is follow other players that are already playing the game. After interacting with Fortbyte, the game will automatically add it to your collection. That’s it. Now, you are just one step closer to finding your singularity skin.

What I will get after collecting Fortbytes?

In season 9 of fortnite, right now there are 90 Fortbytes that are spread across the map. After collecting each one of them, you will unlock, a first-ever female skin— Singularity. It is a secret skin the Fortnite battle pass as she has several styles that are unlocked previously.

Although, 90 Fortbytes are too much, so, you must make have to do too much hard work to collect each one of them. Besides, there are only 10 more hidden Fortbytes are left to be found in season 9.


I hope this post helped you in collecting Fortbyte #83 of Fortnite Season 9. However, if you have missed collecting some of the previous Fortbytes than you can always find their location using the posts on our blog.

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