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Blood & Truth is, at first sight, a very simple game:

Run, shoot, run a little more and shoot a little more, again and again, with the occasional interruption of a blocking selection mission or another distraction for your hands.

It’s everything else that makes it complicated: the fact that you play it on PlayStation VR, that those hands are really your real hands, and that shooting is a physical act that shakes a traditional genre in a completely new way.

The atmosphere and history of Blood & Truth do not very much with respect to their traditional gangster robbery, and sometimes they get so close that one wonders if it is a tribute or a parody. 

His characters seem like a regenerated mix of all your favorite actors in action movies, and the profiles of the plot, a worried and tired soldier who returns home to save his family from a slimy lord, is probably as old as the story itself. The missions themselves are similar, taking their signals from a variety of different movies, but all well known.

They remain exciting, however, for all the things that fill in the gaps. The story is animated with some surprising twists and turns and its half-hearted but totally committed approach. The missions are still exciting as a result of the fun of playing the game. Those somewhat surprising characters are illuminated by the surprisingly good performances of the stars of the game.

London manages to be a star

Too shining in a faithful, if not completely realistic, way. It’s refreshing to play in a version of the city that is not a Victorian theme park and British charm but pays tribute to the excitement and activity of the real city. There is no danger of forgetting why London Studio received its name and its location in the heart of the Soho district of the city.


But the real gem of this game is the control system, which gives you the kind of immersion that can leave you speechless when you see how the developers managed to achieve it. Like other games, you have a Move controller in each hand, which allows your virtual hands to follow you exactly to your hand. 

This means that not only can you interact with the world exactly as you wish: pick up objects, throw them around, open boxes, but you can also use the guns to shoot in a way that feels like magic, pulling the gun towards your Míralo and move in a way that marvels you with technical achievements, if the excitement of the game does not drag you away.

Final Words

In Blood & Truth, PS VR shows how deeply immersive, exciting and mature it can be. In PS VR, Blood & Truth finds the perfect way to boost shooting games, combining technical achievements with game design to remind you of the first time you played with a light weapon. Together, they make a game that is somehow familiar but fresh, the best of PlayStation and the best of the gangster movie combined with a new way of playing.

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