“Fortnite” Fortbyte # 23 Location: found

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“Fortnite” Fortbyte # 23 Location: found between RV camp, gas station, and monstrous track

Today’s Fortbyte is Fortbyte 23, found between a camper camp, a service station, and a monstrous footprint. Here is the path where you can get it.

Yesterday was the beginning of week 10 of season 9 and a new series of challenges were launched, the last series of weekly challenges to be released in season 9. However, since the season is 12 weeks, we will probably have 14 or more extraordinary challenges added to the Fortnite patch update next week v9.40.

Players can now unlock the mysterious and mysterious season 9 by collecting 90 Fortbytes. The mysterious skin is Singularity, which has two additional steps to unlock along with five different skin selection styles. These skins can be unlocked by finding the Singularity helmets found on the map.

We are in the last days of season 9 at Fortnite

That said, we are nearing the end of the Utopia and Quest To Find All The Fortbytes challenges.

My biggest hope is that season 10 has a similar challenge throughout the season, whether it’s Fortbytes or anything else. It’s a great way to keep players engaged in daily challenges.

In any case, we hit Fortbyte # 23. For NBA fans, you’ll recognize this number as Michael Jordan. This is a good number! It’s also a fun challenge for Fortbyte. Fortbyte # 23 is located between the camper camp, the gas station, and a monstrous path. I love the research challenges between them! They always make you look a little closer to the map.

So where are all these RV?


Camping RV is located between the Loot and Neo Tilt lakes, in a small valley. The service station is located south of Pleasant Park. And the Monstruous Footprint, which was added when the monster escaped from Polar Peak and destroyed Lake Loot, is near the lake.

Fortnite Season 9 Weekly challenges

Here’s where you can find all the Fortbyte locations,

Final words

Among them is the mountain, and in times of glory, near the tree, you will find Fortbyte 23. Other challenges also go away and are complete. To get around today’s Fortbyte, you do not have to equip any special object, so it’s ready to play. When will you overtake Loot Lake? Just on the left (west) of the lake, you will find Fortbyte on the top of the mountain.

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