Sneaky Pete Season 4 – Review and Release Date 2024

Crime drama with a pinch of comedy makes the perfect series that is loved by all. Sneaky Pete is one of those, it has everything a person might want to see in a TV show. If you are waiting for season 4 to air, continue reading to know more about the same.

A Peek Into The Storyline

Sneaky Pete has an amazing storyline, it revolves around a man who got out of jail and due to his past, he took up the identity of his cellmate. When the man got out of jail in his past, as in he had robbed a gang and those gang members were after him that is when he decided to take up the identity of another man who used to be his partner in jail.

Later he meets the family members of Pete (whose identity he stole) and they welcome him just like he is the one that they lost a long time ago. They don’t doubt him even for a second and accept him like their own family member. He also takes up the family business and starts working as well.

With several twists and turns, this story made people sit on the edge of their seats with suspense and drama.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


There were around 8 main characters and several side characters in the show. The first main role is of the con man, Marius Josipović who took up the identity of Pete Murphy, his role is played by Giovanni Ribisi. Many fans say nobody could have done this role better than him. Other lead roles include the family members, and people around the imposter Pete. Even the gang members had an important role.

The real Pete, who was still in jail, was played by Ethan Embry. He didn’t have a lead role but his role was pretty important in the show. He was shown several times in many episodes. If season 4 is ever released the cast will remain the same, there might be new characters but no definite information is given by the creators. Any rumors aren’t there as well.

When Can We Expect The Release


After 3 back to back hit seasons everybody expects the 4th one to air as well. But sadly this series was discontinued by Amazon, therefore season 4 will not be released. It is extremely disappointing for all the fans, we could just hope that they change their mind and give us season 4.

Things You May Want To Know About Sneaky Pete

  • Rumors suggest that this is based on a true story, though it is not completely copied, the plot is the same.
  • The last season was left without a good ending and several unanswered questions.

Summing It Up

In the end, it won’t matter if we will get season 4 or not, what matters is that this series brought smiles to our faces and gave us chills at the same time. With its amazing storyline and great production, it has won many hearts.

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