The Last Kingdom Season 4: Trailer and Release Date Announced?

During this COVID – 19 quarantine, it’s hard to stay at home all day. There are ways to entertain ourselves; one of them is – Netflix and Chill. If you are a movie and web series buff, Netflix is like a national park for them. You are never going to run out of shows to watch, no matter what the genre be.

Netflix has some good shows for those who like historical fiction. One of those shows is The Last Kingdom. A brilliant historical action fiction show. The show was released in 2015, and slowly it has gained a large audience base among the Netflix viewers.

BBC America produced the British historical fiction drama, and Netflix picked up the production of the show from its third season. Now, we can call it a Netflix Original series. The show is based on the book written by Bernard Cornwell, the name of the book is The Saxon Stories.

The show has completed three seasons so far and is expecting season 4. Most likely, The Last Kingdom Season 4 will be on Netflix by the end of this month.

If you are a viewer of the show, you must be eagerly waiting for the details of the new season. Without further ado, let’s jump into what details we have uncovered regarding the release date of season 4, who’s going to be the cast of this season, and what might be the plot of it.

Last Kingdom Season 4: When, Who and What?

The series was a massive hit after Netflix had picked it up from season three. The audience was desperately waiting for the fourth installment, so Netflix decided to go with the flow and showed a green signal for the fourth season.

The filming of season 4 was wrapped up around October 2019, if we trust the tweet uploaded by the official handle of the show.

It was on March 19th 2024, and the streaming giant officially declared that The Last Kingdom Season 4 would be published on the platform on April 26th, 2024. If everything goes fine, the fans don’t have to wait for the release, and they will get to see it this month.

Following is the list of the cast we get to see in The Last Kingdom Season 4:

Character Played By Actor/Actress
Uhtred Ragnarsson


AlexaEliza Butterworth

Eliza Butterworth

Aethelflaed Millie Brady
Haesten Jeppe Beck Laursen
Aelfric Joseph Milson
Cnut Magnus Bruun
Finan Mark Rowley
Brida Emily Cox
King Edward Timothy Innes
Aethelred Toby Regbo
Father Beocca Ian Hart

The Last Kingdom Season 4: Plot

Everyone is wondering about the plotline of the next season. If you have seen the recent season, you might have known that our protagonist has made some new enemies due to his involvement against the Danish Army.

We believe that Haesten and Cnut will take revenge upon him for what had happened in the last season. We expect that handling the affairs won’t be comfortable in the first few years for King Edward.

He shouldn’t expect loyalty from the men who once were loyal to his father. King Edward needs the support of a man who will help him materialize the dream of his father. A dream of united England. Only Uhtred can do that.

Aethelflaed is the queen of the Kingdom of Mercia. However, her evil husband, King Aethelred, is planning to kill her, so we might see her death in the next season unless our protagonist decides to save her from the threat.

King Edward can see his plans to capture East Anglia and Lundene if he manages to control his Kingdom of Wessex, with the support of the Kingdom of Mercia.

If we judge the new season 4 trailer, it appears to be full of violent battle scenes, and the producers have put in efforts to keep the quality of production as high as possible.

The show is going to have ten episodes in season fourth. We can say this season is going to be full of new twists, characters, and emotional rides that are surely going to be great for the audience of the show.

Final Words

The Last Kingdom Season 4 will be various emotions like peace, pain, happiness, loyalty, betrayal, tragedy, and victory. You can see new battle sequences and maybe new characters too.

Let’s wait to see the release of season 4 on 26th April 2024. Until then, you can watch any other movie or rewatch the recent season of the show for entertainment.

Stay safe, take care of yourself and your family from the COVID – 19. Cooperate with the authorities by abiding by the guidelines established for citizens.

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