Dr.Mario World now available on iOS and Android

The latest Nintendo mobile game is now available for iOS and Andriod devices, one day before its official release date. The game is based on the Nintendo game created in 1990 for the NES and the Game Boy and was reissued or re-done several times over the years for several Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo’s latest smartphone game was slated to come out on July 10th

However, Twitter user @Wario64 noted that the download went live a day early for Apple devices. The game was also released early on Android via the Google Play Store.

Whether you should choose the game depends largely on how faithful you want the experience with the original NES game to be. As we noticed in our game preview, the new edition of the smartphone changes a lot about the experience, flipping the game board and turning the game from an endless experience similar to Tetris to a step-by-step puzzle game like Candy Crush.

The game also suffers from the free monetization excesses

The game also suffers from the same free monetization excesses that Nintendo has used in its other mobile titles. It has timers, which limit the amount of money you can play at a time unless you’re willing to pay using in-game currencies, and there are also random stopping systems to unlock new characters, attendees and update your list.

If you are used to freeing games for smartphones, then none of this will seem excessive. But you should not go to Dr. Mario World expecting an experience similar to that of your console.

Dr. Mario World, the iOS/Andriod game available now

It’s like self predecessors, a puzzle game in which you, like Dr. Mario or maybe it’s just a colleague of Dr. Mario. Matching the colors of the pads with the little pulls, this version has a number of additional game features compared to the first one, which was quite similar to Tetris in the game, it also focuses on drag-and-drop mechanics, instead of manipulating pills like Tetris blocks as they fall.

 Dr.Mario World

For example, you have other doctors from Mario’s rich fictional world to whom you can ask for help, including Dr. Peach and Dr. Bowser, as well as assistants, such as Goomba, Koopa Troopa and others who apparently never reached or aspired to medical professionals. doctor status These have different abilities that can make virus removal easier, and Nintendo plans to update the game with new doctors and assistants regularly.

Multiplayer is also part of Dr. Mario World

And you can go head-to-head or work together. Predictably, if you’ve followed Nintendo’s foray into mobile titles, this one is free-to-play, with in-game purchases for unlocking more play time and unlacing additional characters and upgrades.

Final Words

It’s becoming a bit of a trend that mobile games drop a day or so earlier than expected. We saw the same thing happen with Niantic’s Harry Potter: Wizards Unite a couple of weeks back. Pushing out mobile titles a little ahead of schedule helps developers and publishers avoid a sudden, massive impact on their servers that might disrupt the player experience. Nevertheless, everyone will surely be glad to start playing Dr. Mario World early.


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