Civilization VI Rise and Fall iOS Expansion, Best Leaders & More

Civilization VI expansion ‘Rise and Fall’ for iOS & Nintendo Finally Released!!!! Yeah! It’s true. After a long wait of more than 1 year, the expansion of the game is released on Aug 24, 2019. After finding out about the update, I was straightaway curious,

What New will be Introduced in the Expansion

How I Can Play it on my iPad

Then, for a moment, I thought, If I’m facing these questions what about others. So, I did some research & wrote a post answering all of your questions. So, jump ahead:

What is Civilization VI?

Before proceeding ahead, I would start with basic information about the game. Civilization VI is a turn-based strategical 4X multiplayer video game. It is published under the banner of 2K Games & Take-Two Interactive. Civilization VI is the 6th part of the civilization video game series. However, the sad part is that Civilization VI is the last part of the series.

Initially, the game was released for Microsoft Windows & Mac OS in 2016. Later in 2017, the ports of Civilization VI for Linux & iOS were released & 2018 was the year when the game launched exclusively for Nintendo Switch console. Within two weeks of its release, more than 1 million units of Civilization VI were sold. In addition to this, the game won several awards in the gaming category.

Civilization VI Best Leader

I have been following the Civilization video gaming series for so long that I can’t even remember properly. The first Civilization game that I played was the 3rd edition & since then I have seen many changes & improvements in the game. By changes, I mean is that with each edition, new civilizations are introduced. Every Civilization must have a strong leader. So, as a player, you must learn about their behaviors & playing styles from the beginning.

When I talk about my favorite leaders in Civilization 6, I follow only 4-5 leaders out of available leaders. So, if you want to know about them then here is the list of my favorite leaders ranked from top to bottom:

  1. Peter’s Russia
  2. Tomyris’ Scythia
  3. Barbarossa’s Germany
  4. Qin Shi Huang’s China
  5. Seondeok’s Korea

As per my point of view, these are my favorite leaders of Civilization VI. Besides, if you play this game then let me your favorite Civilization 6 characters in the comments section given below.

Civilization VI Expansion ‘Rise & fall’ on iOS

Have you played any game of Civilization video game series? Well, if yes, then you might be familiar with the fact that the developers provide timely expansions of the game. So, now, the developers have released the first-ever iOS expansion. Yeah! You read it right.

The new expansion of Civilization 6 for iOS is given the name of “Rise and Fall”. So, if you play this game on your iOS device then buckle up your seats as new leaders, buildings, maps, units, & wonders will be introduced.

Now, if I talk about the “Rise and Fall” expansion, it was first introduced on Desktop & after its release, the game received 79/100 aggregate score from Metacritic.


How to Get Civilization VI Expansion ‘Rise and Fall’ on iOS Device

  • Download the latest version of Civilization VI from the iOS app store.
  • After the game is installed, open it on your smartphone.
  • If you’re playing the expansion version for the first time, then you will get 60 free ‘turns’. You can use them to test the gameplay of Civilization VI “Rise and Fall”.
  • But what’s next? After using all the ‘60 Turns’, you can buy the full version of the Civilization VI for only $23.99. If you want to play this game without any problem, then it is a must for you to purchase the game to unlock the full version.

Future Updates

At the time of the release of ‘Rise and Fall’, the Developers of Civilization 6 has confirmed that the next expansion ‘Gathering Storm’ will release at the end of this year for iOS devices. In case, you don’t know, ‘Gathering Storm’ update was released in Feb of 2019. This update brought major changes like the addition of a new climate systemnatural disasters.

Additionally, the expansion improved the way a world is generated in Civilization VI. ‘Gathering Storm’ update was well received by Fans & critics. It received 81/100 Metacritic score which is more than ‘Rise and Fall’ expansion.

Online Multiplayer not Included in iOS/Switch Version of Civilization VI?

After the released of ‘Rise and Fall’ expansion, several Nintendo users & switch users complained that Civilization 6 does not have any online multiplayer mode. Well, regarding the issue, a representative of Civilization VI explained the reason why a most demanded feature is missing:

It sounds basic until you realize that both private and public games required significant back end work.”

“Civ VI on desktop utilizes Steam for things like friends lists (required for private games) and server listing (required for public games). Implementing these things per unique system takes considerable effort. I’m aware the Switch has some of those systems, but it still requires custom implementation.”

On asking about the missing online multiplayer mode on the iOS version of the Civilisation VI, he said,” The Mac App Store version and iOS version do not have online multiplayer for similar reasons.

Source: Reddit

Final Words

That’s all for now. If you found the above mention information useful or have any questions related to Civilization VI, then do let me know via the comments section. I will try my best to answer your query as soon as possible.

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