Shedding the COVID Weight: 5 Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy This Fall

The coronavirus pandemic hit us all hard; either we lost loved ones to the deadly virus or saw restrictions severely disrupt our daily lives, but fortunately, we are beginning to move ever closer to some level of normality.

A lot of attention has been paid to the mental effects of the COVID-19 crisis, which is clearly a hugely important factor that can’t be ignored, but no less critical is the effect the last two years have had on our bodies.

The physical ramifications of a severe lack of movement can be pronounced, especially in those who had previously led very active lifestyles. For those whose exercise was based primarily around getting from a to b, i.e., from home to work or doing the daily or weekly shop, the restrictions imposed upon us may well have cut our time outdoors to the bare minimum.

Top 5 Effective Tips And Tricks To Remain Healthy And Fit

Due to the lack of exposure to the outdoors and staying indoors for several months, many of us have encountered several changes in our lifestyle. One such thing is weight gain. Yes, as people can not come outside to run, exercise, or go to the gym, they have been living inside their homes by keeping themselves busy with work, study, or entertainment.

For several months, many people have had the same routine: Wakeup, eat, do online work or study, watch TV or browse through phones, eat, and sleep. Because of this routine and the absence of proper exercise, weight gain became a problem quickly. Here are some tips to help get you fit and healthy as the fall kicks in.

1. Exercise, But In Moderation


If you were a fit and healthy individual before the pandemic, then no doubt you’ve been trying to stay in shape over the past 18 months, and you may now be considering really pushing yourself. However, maybe now is not the time to strain yourself too much. Get back to the old routines but remember your body will need time to adjust to the old ways.

For those of us who didn’t exercise all that much even before COVID-19, maybe now is the time to think about a healthier approach to life. Having spent so much time stuck indoors, now is the right time to get outside. Start with some power walking, enjoy the fresh air and look to ease yourself into a better way of living.

If you need some impetus or motivation to get going, then consider ordering a great set of exercise gear and order a pair of great sporting eyewear from You’d be surprised how much feeling good in your activewear can help power your body into another gear.

2. Improving Your Diet


Many of us enjoyed the act of takeaway deliveries a bit too much over the past 18 months and decided to cut ourselves some slack when it came to home cooking and a healthy diet, but now is the time to readjust our lifestyles.

Get into the habit of buying fresh, healthy food and maybe start to cook your own meals a set number of times a week. When we cook for ourselves, we are far more conscious of the food we are putting into our systems, and this generally leads to a healthier diet than when you order takeout.

For many of us, the return to normality can act as a real mental boost that can lead us to try out new fads and enjoy healthier pastimes. If you find this is happening to you, then, by all means, harness that positivity but do so in a way that is manageable, now is not the time to overstretch yourself.

3. Consider A Detox


If you enjoy some of the less healthy activities that we tend to partake in a bit too often; and this can be drinking alcohol, enjoying a bit too much in the way of sugary desserts, or maybe caffeine, then maybe spending a month away from these could do the world of good.

While the word of the day is moderation, there is also the argument for making good use of the positive energy that is coursing through our bodies due to the reawakening post-COVID.

If you feel you can manage to give up any of these vices, then why not use this time to do so, clearly if you find it a struggle, you can have a cheat day. We are, after all, only human.

4. Switch Outside Exercise to Indoors


If you usually get your dose of exercise in the great outdoors, then the change in seasons and drop in temperature may lead to think twice about going for a run or a job. Then why not think about switching to the gym instead.

It’s common for us to take things down a notch as the weather changes, but that can have an effect on our physical well-being. Fight this by simply moving the location of your exercise activities. We also thoroughly advise you to consider using a personal trainer to further assist in such a change.

It is better to add breathing exercises to your routine. Experts say that stress and anxiety will have an influence on your breathing quality, which makes you take shallow and quick breaths. Besides that, you can focus on the exercises that affect specific parts. For example, if you want to reduce fat around your stomach, make sure to try belly fat exercises.

5. Keep it Simple, Keep it Regular


When it comes to trying to stay healthy, especially if you may not be taking good care of yourself for a long period, there is always the danger of trying too much too soon. Often people sign-up for gyms or push themselves too much from the outset, and then old habits kick in.

So we advise you to try to do some exercise every day, perhaps schedule a 30-minute run, walk or jog, that you take at the same time every day. This will help your body regain some level of fitness that you can then look to build on a little at a time. Do not overwork your body as it may cause massive body pains, cramps, and even long-term muscle pains.

How Many Days Do I Need To Shed Excess Weight?

Well, the total fat you may need to lose varies from one person to the other because it depends on your entire weight and body. However, it is best to keep a 30-day weight loss challenge, which is the right amount of time to get back to your typical weight without compromising on your health.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is weigh yourself and calculate how many pounds you put on in the last few months. With that, you can get an idea of how much weight you need to shed. Later, prepare for the 30-day ‘get back in shape’ challenge in which a proper diet, sufficient exercise, and enough amount of sleep are compulsory.

Start your day by drinking at least one glass of water. If you have time in the morning, go to a nearby park to run, exercise, or visit the gym. If not, you can stay at home and do light but effective exercise or yoga. Coming to the diet, cut down your sugar intake at all costs. If you are having food cravings, you can include spices in your diet.

Try not to eat too many outside snacks and never consume snacks or other food if you are not hungry. Rather than drinking fruit juices and smoothies which are mixed with sugar, it is relatively best to eat fruits directly.

Bottom Line

Shedding excess weight you have gained recently can be easy and difficult at the same time. For instance, if you follow the above five tips without missing anything, you can lose extra weight, become healthy, and stay fit with ease in a short duration. However, if you do not exercise or maintain a proper diet, it might be hard for you to come back healthy.

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