Home Improvement Tips During COVID 19 Lockdown

There’s no denying the fact that coronavirus is here to stay, so we have to figure out the different ways to stay active at home. However, for many, it is hard to identify ways through which they can keep themselves busy during the global lockdown. When COVID 19 debuted, many people believed that it would go away in a few months. However, as the time went on, things only got worse. Today, several countries are fighting with coronavirus on a large scale and have implemented a complete lockdown. So instead of turning a couch potato and doing nothing at home, it is best to pick up yourself and do some odd jobs around the house. Believe us, if you step up and look around your home, you will find a plethora of ways to magnify it visually with your creative DIY ideas. If you’re not sure what to do, we have a few interesting ideas for you. Continue reading to equip your brain with some mind-boggling ideas for your home:

1. Repaint a Room

One of the easiest things to do during lockdown is to paint your room. However, if you don’t have supportive siblings, we recommend you not touch their rooms. Bear in mind, repairing can take up a lot of time and if you work on a certain theme as well, the results will be worth the effort. If the room doesn’t require a fresh coat of paint, you can patch up the existing paintwork. Fill the loopholes in the walls with different colors and go trendy. Furthermore, if you are attracted to multi-colored walls, we recommend you to go forward with a blend of different colors. Colors that are trending right now are coral pink, classic yellow, jet black, and Biscay green. With the right colors, you can easily add so much more to the interior of your home.

2. Make Your Garden Look Breathtaking

When was the last time you stepped out and took care of the plants? No wonder, the global lockdown has made us all lazy and we end up sitting inside our rooms all day long, do nothing but sifting through social media and checking everyone out. Push yourself and step out in the garden to make a difference to it. Bear in mind, gardening is one of the most amazing hobbies that anyone can have. Especially if you have a thing for plants, you will feel happy and stay healthy. Having plants in the house is equivalent to having fresh air around yourself. Chuck out the ones that have rotten and trim the overgrown grass. You can also go trendy with the DIY little pots for the cute little flowers in the backyard. Now that summer is here, you must incorporate some sitting space for the entire family.

3. Do the minor Fixtures Yourself

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How long has it been since you had a professional walk in and do the minor fixtures? Probably a few months, right? Instead of laying on the sofa all day long and doing nothing, we recommend you step up and do the small fixtures yourself. For example, if the kitchen cabinets are broken or the door locks need to be replaced, it’s your responsibility to fix them. Furthermore, if you have ventilation problems in the house or want to keep the air conditioners cooling restrained within the living room, you must purchase the Cowdroy products at Mitre 10. They have the best products that can help you in covering the door corners and prevent the hot air from coming inside the house.

4. Declutter Your Home

One of the easiest ways to make your home stand out to everyone is to declutter it. This means, if you want to make the place look visually appealing, you have to get rid of the trash and stuff that is not even needed. For instance, if you have purchased a kitchen cabinet recently and don’t need the old one, take it out of the house and garbage it. Similarly, if you have reservations about the old furniture, you can replace it with a new one or simply donate a few stuff to the less fortunate people around you. Clean your home and change the setting of the furniture to make the place look new. Because the lockdown is here to stay, considering a new setting for your home furniture and stuff will be a breath of fresh air.

5. Add Nature to The Indoors

Source: pexels.com

Have you ever thought about adding flowers and plants inside your home? If not, right now is the time to do it. Keep in mind, there is a demarcation between making changes to your garden and bringing plants inside the house. When you bring nature inside your home, it can easily instill a positive change in the environment. One of the most important things that all of us have learned from COVID 19 is to not take nature for granted. Today, in every home, people have started to incorporate plants because they jazz up the environment and help them in staying healthy. If you don’t have hands-on experience of doing this, we recommend you to purchase snake plant, lucky bamboo, spider plant, jade plant, cactus, and peace lily. Believe us, as soon as they enter your home, the vibe of the house will change.

6. Paste Murals

If you don’t know, murals have the power to instill positivity in any environment. Especially if the mural has a strong message inscribed on it, you can expect it to change your mind. Today, most corporate workspaces have murals because they improve the aesthetic appeal and keep the employees motivated at work. If you have a few interesting quotes in mind, jot them down and get a custom mural prepared from the market. However, we recommend you get a custom-made mural online because the coronavirus is spreading much faster out there. Make sure to build a perspective on what you want and enlighten the artist about it. As soon as they are aware of your expectations and the requirements of the room, you will have a visually appealing, full of energy mural prepared for your home.

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