Future Man Season 3: The Latest Updates

If you ask us if there are any platforms other than Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, we would suggest you try Hulu. The reason Hulu is an excellent alternative platform is there are shows like Future Man on it. The current hottest topic among the viewers of Hulu is Future Man Season 3

If you are a sucker for science fiction web series that’s a perfect combination of action, adventure, and comedy, then why not try Future Man? Howard Overman, along with Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir, are the creators of this show. 

This series is perfect for those who want science fiction content that’s lighthearted, unlike the sci-fi shows releasing these days, which are mostly dark. We know you are here to know when Future Man Season 3 is releasing on Hulu. 

What’s Future Man? 

Future Man Season 3, Artistic Impression

There are various sci-fi shows on the internet with multiple themes – crime, romance, mystery, and others. Future Man is a show that is known for the blend of adventure, action, and comedy without ruining the balance. 

The show stars actors and actresses like Josh Hutcherson, Derek Wilson, and Eliza Coupe. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen have produced this web series. 

The first season of Future Man was released on November 14, 2017. The first season contained 13 episodes. Hulu viewers welcomed the season one. It received great responses from critics and audiences. 

The response was enough for the makers to go ahead with season two and three. The second season of Future Man was dropped on January 11, 2019. Even the second season followed the pattern of the previous season with 13 episodes. 

Future Man Season 3 is the third and final season of this web series, and it was released on April 3, 2024. Yes, you read that right. The last season of this show was released on Hulu over two months ago.

Since it was the final season, we expected it to follow the track of the previous two seasons, but surprisingly it only had eight episodes. 

Future Man Season 3: The Story

It is considered a fun show to watch because of how simple the show’s plot appears. Yet, the makers manage to surprise us by various twists and brilliantly end the series. 

The Future Man is a story that revolves around our protagonist, Josh Futturman, played by Josh Hutcherson. He’s playing a video game that’s considered extremely hard, so much so that it’s unbeatable. Biotic Wars, the unbeatable game is the favorite pastime of Josh, who works as a janitor. 

Once while playing Biotic Wars, he finishes it by winning the final stage. While he has completed the video game, a strange incident happens. The two protagonists from the game – Tiger and Wolf, come out of a video game in Josh’s reality. 

They are there from the future to recruit Josh for saving the world from a war that is going to happen in the future. The real Biotic Wars are awaiting in the future, and if Josh wants to change the future and save humanity, he must join the duo

Future Man Season 3: Release Date and Where to Watch

The series is quite a good watch for anyone looking for simple entertainment. If you haven’t been following the news, we would like to inform you of the Future Man Season 3 release date, April 3, 2024. 

It’s still not late to subscribe to Hulu’s premium membership to watch the entire show. Even though the show has come to an end, you can again watch countless anime shows, Hulu Originals, TV shows, and movies on the platform. 

As you know, we don’t encourage piracy. We urge you to subscribe to Hulu to enjoy their quality content. 


Future Man Season 3 is the excellent finale. The makers have ended the show without ruining the story. We aren’t going to give you spoilers, so go ahead and watch it on Hulu. 

If you know any Sci-fi enthusiasts, share this article with them. If you have any questions, drop the comments. Make sure to stay home and stay safe. Don’t break the rules assigned by medical authorities for COVID – 19 pandemic. 

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