Arrow Season 8 Spoilers: Upcoming Death, Lyla-Monitor Connection & More

With Stephan Amell gone after Arrow season 8, Arrowverse & fans will bid farewell to one of the beloved tv show Arrow. In case you don’t know, months ago, Arrow star Stephen Amell posted a video on his social media thanking everyone. In the video, he announced that season 8 will be the final season of the arrow.

Now, that we’re days away from arrow season 8, I have several questions in my mind & especially when there’s rumor regarding the death of arrow is going all over the internet. So, in this post, I will try my best to highlight upcoming rumors & possible spoilers of the show. So, let’s begin:

Arrow Season 8 Release Date?

Before proceeding ahead I will like to remind you about the release date of the final season Arrow tv show.

Well, the final season premiere will start airing on OCT 15 worldwide. If you’re from the USA than you can watch Arrow season 8 episode 1 on The CW. However, if you don’t have much time start binge-watching the premiere episode on Netflix.

Yeah! You read it right. Season 8 will start airing every episode right after its release on the CW. However, bad news for the Netflix US users as they have to wait till Feb 2024 for the final season. Now, you might be like, why Feb 2024? Why not before?

Well, in case you don’t know, Arrow season 8 will have only 10 episodes. The 8th episode of the series will air on Jan 14, 2024. So, you can expect the finale episode to go live on Jan 28. Within a month, the final season will be available for Netflix US users. Till then, you can watch the previous 7 seasons of the Arrow tv series.

Arrow Season 8 Spoilers

Have you seen the last season of the arrow? If you did then you might be familiar with the fact that there is a crisis coming in the Arrowverse & it is somehow related to the destruction of the multiverse. In fact, the name of the upcoming crisis is “Crisis on Infinite Earth (revealed after the last arrowverse crises)”.

Do you have any idea about the storyline? No? Don’t worry as I will update you on everything about the upcoming crisis.

Well, the “crisis of infinite earth’ will start because of Monitor & Anti-Monitor. Both characters are played by LaMonica Garrett. However, one will be the protagonist & the other one will the big bad of the crisis.

Anti-Monitor has pledged to destroy the Multi-verse. But why? Well, because of obvious reasons, to increase his own powers. So, to protect the multiverse. Monitor starts recruiting several superheroes such as the flash, arrow, Supergirl to save the billions who might die in the crisis.

Arrow Season 8
Arrow Season 8

Will we see the Death of Arrow?

Yes, indeed it’s possible. In fact, several rumors regarding the arrow’s death started circulating after the announcement of the final arrow season. These rumors can be true but it doesn’t mean that we will see the death of Oliver Queen. Although I’m expecting the series to end on a happy note. But you never know what the makers might have in store for you.

Lyla-Monitor Connection?

Have you read the comics? If you did, then you might be familiar with the fact there is a connection between Lyla Michaels (Wife of John Diggle in Arrowverse).

 Well, in the comic book, Monitor saved Lyla after her parents’ death. Later, he raised to be his right hand. He trained her & empowered several abilities into her. Now, as far as arrowverse is concerned, she hasn’t revealed any powers yet but you never know she might have an important role to play in the crisis. In case you don’t believe me, CW has already confirmed that Lyla Michaels has an important role to play.

Final Words

That’s all for now. I’m very much curious to find out what happens next in the Final season of arrow tv series. How will be the ending of the show? Will there be a happy ending or a bitter ending? What do you think? In addition to this, what was your favorite moment of the Arrow Tv series? Do let me know in the comments section given below.

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