How to Help Person Who is Suffering From Addiction Problem – 2024 Guide

The most difficult time of one’s life is when your dearest and closest relations suffer due to some pain or disease. One of the common emerging diseases is addiction. People can be addicted to music, passions, cooking but the addiction which we are talking about is drug addiction. When our loved ones suffer from substance abuse, their struggling period is so painful and heart-wrenching. At such points, we think about how we can benefit them. The best thing is to refer them to a treatment center. Talk with them, and discuss the issues because addicts fear to share their feelings. The rehab offers endless benefits. Some people fear that the addicted person will get furious if we show concern for the addict’s treatment. They may overreact and create a dramatic situation. One has to be very careful while communicating about recovery, but keep in mind that speak up, don’t stay quiet fearing that addicts will react. Calmly tell them about their condition, let them know the importance of healthy living, and show that you care for them.

How to determine that someone is suffering?


It is quite obvious how you can know that an individual is having a drug addiction. When they start taking a large number of drugs and consume more alcohol frequently than it is clear and evident that they are addicted. Their behavior will become dangerous, their physical health will decline and mental health will get worse. Their performance at school, college, and work will get worse and they won’t be able to control themselves. They will neglect their responsibilities towards their families like taking care of home management, parents, partner, and kids. These signs are evident enough to let you know and confirm about drug abuse addiction. The point to ponder is that drugs are hard to leave because the brain is no more able to make balanced decisions. Such people start hating the interference of other people and misbehave.

Wait or Say? The challenging decision


We might think that other people will mind if we ask them to seek help. So the best way is to encourage them towards treatment in a very gentle manner. Motivate them to explore that their drug problem is creating more and more problems day by day. Never choose to “wait” because a single moment matters as well. A conversation on a light note will encourage them and they might get convinced and see an angel in you who might open doors for recovery. Some of us think that our opinion doesn’t matter and addicts will consider their motivation as pressure. This concept is wrong. Words are the most powerful tools that can do wonders if used in the right place, in the right manner and at the right time. Be an angel in an addict’s life and tell them about the ways that they can leave the path of drugs and start a new life. Drug rehab and medical detox centers have advanced treatment and technologies that sometimes give miraculous results. Treatments are offered according to the availability of the addict. If the routine is hectic and bust, the addict can pursue the outpatient method, but, if he can take time out for his recovery then he is shifted to inpatient treatment which is the best recovery method. Check here, and find more about it.

Finding the best rehab center is an important decision. You’ll want a treatment center where you can feel comfortable and confident that you’re getting the best possible care. Once you’ve decided on a few programs, it’s time to do a little research to choose the one that feels right for you. For example, some centers such as Sunrise House Treatment Center, Better Addiction Care, Stonegate Center have great programs, so you can have a look at them.

Inpatient treatment and its wonders

The mind and health of the addict get damaged due to drugs. The time duration varies because the effect of every drug differs. Some might cause more mental dependency instead of physical. The other important constraint is the severity of the addiction. The treatment can be of 4 types.

  • 3-10 days recovery plan
  • 30 days recovery plan
  • 60 days recovery plan
  • 900 days recovery plan

It offers benefits that an individual tailored plan is given to every single patient. The medical staff daily assesses the progress of the patient. They accommodate the variations if there is a need of adjusting the treatment. The people who are indulged in long-term addiction have more benefits in residential treatment. After the completion, the aftercare plan is designed that may extend the length of treatment if needed. In short, the inpatient treatment journey is a complete package for recovery, and the one who wants a drug-free life has an open choice to get back on the right path.

Kill the cravings

Cravings are a typical and compulsory part of the recovery path. At the start, it becomes very difficult to kill the cravings and control them. When you become sober, you all of a sudden feel the urge to have drugs and it seems that life without drugs is impossible. If you have become sober. Then we have some tips for controlling the cravings.


Talking to someone distracts and helps a lot in getting an escape from cravings. When you talk, you don’t feel alone anymore, your mind gets diverted and obsession with drugs gets in control. Craving mostly attacks when you’re alone and lost in your thoughts. Contact your therapist, friend, or any other person whom you think supported you the most while recovery. Discuss your issues so that they instantly take some steps for controlling the cravings.



Indulge yourself in physical activity because it boosts your mental health. Researchers have also shown that exercise helps in killing cravings. Exercise doesn’t mean that you need to be a professional athlete. A little brisk walk, cycling, bouncing, and yoga will work as they are exceptional ways of stopping and diverting the mind from cravings.

Focus on triggers

The best way to identify and focus on your triggers is by making use of a journal. Write down your feelings and emotions when you crave drugs. This will help you in identifying which factors attract you to drugs. You will be able to spot your weaknesses and will especially focus on staying away from those triggers. Also, you can talk to your doctor as he knows your case the best.

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