Do You Need to Upgrade to iOS 14.4?

There’s a new iOS version on the block: 14.4. Is it worth upgrading to it, or should you skip it for now?

We’ll tell you about all the perks you get by upgrading to 14.4. Also, we’ll mention any potential drawbacks you might want to keep in mind.
With that out of the way, let’s start with why you might want to get the new update.

What Do You Get By Upgrading to iOS 14.4?

A lot of improvements, bug fixes, and security updates. Let’s focus on the security aspect first since it’s pretty urgent.

Security Fixes


You probably didn’t know this, but iOS 14.3 is susceptible to a lot (and we do mean a lot) of security flaws. The list is actually surprisingly long. You can check Apple’s support article to see just how many issues they fixed in iOS 14.4.

The main vulnerabilities everyone has been focusing on include two WebKit issues and one OS kernel problem.

The WebKit flaws affect Safari (among other apps) since the browser uses WebKit (which is an open-source web browser engine). In technical terms, they would allow a cybercriminal to run arbitrary code on Safari. In layman’s terms, that means a hacker could run any commands they want on the browser, essentially taking control of it.

To manage that, they’d probably need to trick you into interacting with a malicious file or link. That’s not impossible since they can use well-crafted phishing messages to get the job done. Once they’re successful, they can force Safari to send your connections to malicious websites which will infect your device with malware.

The OS kernel flaw affects the iOS operating system (the kernel is its main component). If abused, it can grant a hacker elevated privileges. That means they could get access to all your data. To do that, they’d just have to convince you to download and interact with a malicious app.

You shouldn’t take a risk and assume that won’t happen to you. Apple already said hackers probably exploited those vulnerabilities. So you should update to 14.4 ASAP.

A Quick Tip


Besides upgrading to iOS 14.4, you should also use an antivirus and a VPN to further protect your offline and online data. Here’s how these services would help:

  • A VPN will encrypt your traffic, making it impossible for hackers to monitor it and try to redirect it to phishing sites. They can also block connections to malicious sites through firewall-like features, and stop hackers from tracking your IP.
  • An antivirus will prevent malware infections by detecting and quarantining any threats. Like a VPN, it can also stop connections to shady sites.

To get a good VPN for your iPhone, you should see more from ProPrivacy here. Their in-depth guide will help you find the best iPhone VPNs on the market. As for antivirus solutions, you can use Malwarebytes.

Bug Fixes

iOS 14.3 actually had a lot of annoying bugs. Well, they’re all gone in 14.4.! Here’s what you’ll never have to deal with again if you upgrade to the new iOS version:

  • Seeing the wrong keyword language in the Messages keyboard.
  • Experiencing delayed typing when using the keyboard.
  • Not getting word suggestions when using the keyboard.
  • Images being ruined by random image artifacts when you take photos with iPhone 12 Pro.
  • Audio stories in CarPlay’s News app not resuming after you pause them to interact with Siri or give spoken directions.
  • Not being able to answer phone calls from the Lock Screen if you enable Switch Control.

Overall, these bug fixes have made using an iPhone more pleasant for us.

New Features


Apple introduced some cool new improvements with iOS 14.4.

One that we really like includes getting notifications if your iPhone 12 (standard, Pro, Pro Max, and Mini) is using a non-genuine Apple camera.

Basically, if the system detects it, it will alert you about it. That’s a good way to make sure the guy from the repair shop doesn’t replace your device’s camera with a cheaper one.

Another cool thing is that your iPhone’s camera can now scan smaller QR codes. Yes – you don’t need to get up close and personal with a screen or telephone pole if the QR code is too small to detect. Your iPhone should be able to handle that without any problems now.

Besides that, we also like that you can now specify the Bluetooth device type if you’re using third-party Bluetooth audio devices. This is especially useful when using headphones. Now, your iPhone can accurately detect audio levels. If they’re too high, your device will alert you that you’re at risk of damaging your hearing health over time.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Upgrading to iOS 14.4?


Not a lot, but it’s still worth talking about them.

For starters, it seems that some users are experiencing lag issues with the new iOS version. Basically, they’re seeing a loss of frame rate when interacting with animations. It’s nothing too serious, and Apple will probably fix this soon. Still, some users got so annoyed they downgraded to 14.3 (a risky move since that iOS version has security flaws).

Other people have complained about Bluetooth connectivity issues. It looks like you might sometimes experience random disconnections.

One last issue people have been highlighting is the battery drain. But keep in mind that’s pretty normal. Battery drain is generally higher after you upgrade to a new iOS version.


Because the system is reindexing. Once it finishes that, the battery drain should no longer be noticeable. The reindexing process doesn’t normally take long, but it might take a while if you have a lot of photos.


So should you upgrade to iOS 14.4?

Yes, definitely! Let’s leave the improvements and bug fixes aside for a moment. The most important reason to upgrade to 14.4 is to get the fixes for the security vulnerabilities that are currently present in iOS 14.3. Without them, you’re easy prey for hackers.

Do you agree? Or do you think there are good reasons to postpone updating to the new iOS version? If you do, please mention them in the comments below.

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